Episode 20: From “Samkshepa Ramayana” to “Valmiki Ramayana” – The transformation!!


Till the previous episode we saw various important excerpts from the “Samkshepa Ramayana” narrated by Sage Naarada to Valmiki Maharishi. In that we saw primarily the unique physical characteristics of Lord Rama that makes Him beautiful and also His unique personal character that can be a role model for all of us today! What happened next after Sage Naarada completed his “Samkshepa Ramayana”? What was the thought process of Sage Naarada and how did Bhagawan answer his thoughts? Let’s see in today’s episode!

Sage Naarada concludes his brief narration of Lord Rama’s story with the “Phalasthuthi” which can also be inferred as “The Benefits of reading/reciting the Ramayana”.

“Idam pavithram paapagnam punyam vedaiyscha samyatham!

Yaf pateth raama charithram sarva paapaihi pramuchyathe!!

Yethathaakyaanamaarushya patham raamaayanam naraha!

Saputhra pouthra saganaha prethyasvarge maheeyathe!!”

In the above slokas, Sage Naarada proclaims to Valmiki Maharishi that this “Rama Charithram” is equivalent to that of the Vedas and whoever reads or recites or chants or writes this Ramayana story will be totally freed from all types of sins he/she had committed in their lives so far. Moreover, those who recite the Ramayana will get the unique opportunity to reach heaven along with his/her family members. We can infer from here as to how Ramayana is capable of giving the ultimate “Moksha” (Salvation) to all of us who tend to read or recite it with full devotion and Lord Rama becomes pleased by this act of ours!

Here, it’s very important for all of us to note that, at this point in time, the so-called Ramayana that we have today, never existed – Let’s remind ourselves for a moment that we’re still at the point wherein Valmiki Maharishi has just asked the sixteen questions and he has just come to know who Lord Rama is.

At this moment of narrating the above sloka, Sage Naarada has a deep look at Valmiki Maharishi once and stops here. He thinks for a moment that this Ramayana story is not yet sung and documented in detail, in a way so that it reaches people around the world! Now how will that happen? Who would sing and propagate this “Rama Charithra” (Lord Rama’s story) to the world? Who’s that right person who would be able to take up the responsibility to elaborate this story and propagate this to the world? If great people have such questions in mind, which are extremely beneficial to the world, it’s Bhagawan’s duty to answer and fulfill their wishes. In that way, the moment Sage Naarada had these questions in mind, Bhagawan had his answers ready and He decided that the person who would be elaborating and propagating the Ramayana to the world would be none other than Valmiki Maharishi himself! Hence, with His grace, He sequenced all the further events that followed, in a way that Valmiki Maharishi became an instrument in the hands of the Lord for propagating His own “Charithra” (Story).

How did the further events unfold? What happened next? What were the further incidents that motivated Valmiki Maharishi to start writing the Ramayana text? Let’s witness those interesting events in the next episode!



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