The Indian Dharma

Welcome to┬áthe blog titled “The Indian Dharma”!!

This is my humble and a heart-felt attempt to explain in simple English, the applicability of our ancient and traditional Indian cultural values to the current day scenario. As part of this mission, we’ve witnessed important life lessons from Shrimad Ramayana, Vidura Neeti, and Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana for the past four years. Currently, I present this fourth project to you as a series of small episodes, with excerpts from Sage Paraashara’s Shri Vishnu Puraana along with some simple explanations from my understanding of the subject and context.

I hereby request and solicit the co-operation, in the form of constructive suggestions and feedbacks for making this a good learning experience for all of us!!

5 thoughts on “The Indian Dharma

  1. Hi, I appreciate your effort..i wish to suggest you to add a contents folder where you provide the list so that its easy to browse through the posts …its quite cumbersome to if we wish to see some 20 or 30th post..
    thank you..


      1. Hi.I’m Pravesh Parmessur from Mauritius and actually we are on confinemet and our national tv is broadcasting is broadcasting one episode of Ramanan Sagar’s Ramayan everyday.Today we have seen Shugriv forgetting his promise to lord Ram.And I wanted to have more details that I came across your post episode 186.thank you very much and I will be grateful to you if you have a daily post could you send me I suppose through email or any other means.thanking you in advance dr sahab.


      2. Hello Pravesh ji… Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. You can access all the episodes of Ramayana, Vidura Neeti and Bhaagawatha Puraana from my blog website – . If you’re an active Facebook user, you can find the FB Page “The Indian Dharma” and Like / Follow it. You can get updates of every episode that I publish every day.


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