Episode # 672 – “Why are you talking like a coward?” – Duryodhana slams Bhishmacharya with anger!!!

Episode # 672 – “Why are you talking like a coward?” – Duryodhana slams Bhishmacharya with anger!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana’s think-tank pondering upon how to target Yudishtra and find out his whereabouts. This would enable Duryodhana to send Yudishtra and Co. once again to the forest for the next thirteen years, and Yudishtra would never be able to stake claim for the Indraprastha kingdom. With this, King Sudhanva, Bhishmacharya, Dhronacharya, Sage Sukhacharya, etc. express their opinions, upon the plan that the Viraata Desha should be attacked from all four sides and in this pursuit, the Paandava brothers, especially Bheemasena and Arjuna can be spotted out easily. Bhishmacharya has different ideas – He proposes to Duryodhana that enough is enough! He wants to call truce between the two camps and at the end of the thirteenth year, if Yudishtra is handed over the Indraprastha kingdom, all problems would come to an end. However, the question here is whether Duryodhana is going to accept and pay heed to Bhishmacharya’s proposal or not. Let us witness Duryodhana’s reaction in today’s episode. 

As Bhishmachaarya proposes thus, Duryodhana gets up in great anger! He has an angry look at Bhishmachaarya and replies thus, “Oh Bhishmacharya! Till now, whatever I know about you is that you are an extremely invincible person when it comes to warfare. However, in this matter, why are you talking like a coward? Why are you having a soft corner towards that Yudishtra? What is he doing secretly for you? You are a fighter! You are a great warrior! Please live up to that expectation! Or, maybe you’re feeling that age is catching up with you? Are you feeling that due to old age, you will be unable to put up a fight? Maybe this is the reason you’re talking of compromise everytime! You do not have the strength in you to put up a fight against the Paandava brothers, perhaps! You may say so, but I won’t accept such childish reasons from you. Moreover, myself, Karna, etc. are youngsters and we have a lot of valour in us. If you’re not interested in putting up a fight, then leave it to us. We shall ensure that the Paandava brothers are defeated and killed mercilessly!” 

As Duryodhana fumes thus, Karna gets up with intense anger and talks thus: “Oh Bhishmacharya! Have you forgotten the insult that I’ve been meted out with in the past? Even though I had all the qualifications of being a great warrior, I was not allowed to exhibit myself in that Ranga-Bhoomi event! (We’ve witnessed this earlier as to how Karna was degraded by everyone in public because he was perceived as a charioteer’s son). That insult which I obtained that day remains fresh in my mind till today! I shall go to any extent to prove myself and will stand by Duryodhana in his pursuit against Yudishtra and Co. At a time when the entire Ranga-Bhoomi insulted me, Duryodhana was the only one who stood by me and made me the king of Anga Desha. How do I forget this help that Duryodhana as a friend did to me? Hence, I do not agree to your point of making a meek surrender to Yudishtra and Co. Myself, along with Duryodhana and others will launch a pursuit against them and show who we are and what we are capable of!”

Thus the plan is made clearly – The Viraata Desha should be attacked from the northern and southern end of the territory and with this, the cows would be abducted by them. In order to protect the cows and take them back, surely the Paandava brothers would come out of their hideouts, in loyalty to the king of Viraata Desha. With this, we will wage a full-strength war against them and either kill them, or we shall simply make a claim that we’ve found out the whereabouts of Yudishtra and Co.! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall commence witnessing how this plan starts to get implemented! Are the Kauravas going to be successful in their pursuit? Let us wait till the subsequent episodes to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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