Episode # 664 – Yudishtra (secretly) warns Draupati not to expose her real identity!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Keechaka trying to allegedly misbehave with Sairandhri (Draupati) in the public courtroom as well as while being alone in his chamber. This is the second time that something like this is happening for Draupati – The first experience being the infamous gambling game episode where Ducchaasana tried to molest her in public at Hastinapura courtroom. As Draupati is being manhandled, Surya Bhagawan’s messenger – An invisible Raakshasa attacks Keechaka from nowhere and with this, Keechaka falls on the ground dead! Meanwhile, as Keechaka is fighting this Raakshasa and as Vallabha (Bheemasena) is looking on, he gets angry and lifts a heavy tree trunk to attack Keechaka then and there – Only to be stopped smartly by Kanka (Yudishtra) by giving a secretive coded advice that if Bheemasena attacks, he would end up revealing his identity. Realizing this, Bheemasena quickly understands the situation and refrains from going forward, and this is the time the invisible Raakshasa attacks Keechaka and defeats him! 

As this happens, Sairandhri looks at the king and talks thus, “Oh King of Viraata Desha! Please understand one thing clearly – In the Hastinapura kingdom of King Dhritarashtra, a few years back, Draupati was molested by Duryodhana and the others, and with this, the entire kingdom is surrounded by a great danger! Now, I’m experiencing a similar incident like what happened to Draupati at Hastinapura. If you allow such things to happen in your kingdom unabated, it would be disastrous for your kingdom and for you as well! Hence, you should be very careful in not allowing such incidents of molestation to happen! Oh king! Please understand one thing – If you perform good and righteous actions as per the “Dharma”, your “Punya” account will keep on growing. Whereas on the contrary, if you keep performing bad and unrighteous deeds, your “Paapa Karma” will keep on growing. Hence, as a leader, you should not encourage your subjects to get into bad deeds and thereby increase their and your “Paapa Karma”! You should immediately stop such things from happening!” 

This, Sairandhri explains as she is being molested by Keechaka. However, even as Sairandhri is explaining so much in detail and even as she is crying for help, the king did not answer any of her prayers. However, as Sairandhri appeals to the king for an answer repeatedly, the king replies thus, “Oh Sairandhri! I understand the problem that you’re highlighting here. However, I need to enquire on both sides as to what had happened. Now that I’ve heard your accord, I should also hear what Keechaka is saying. Hence, I shall talk to Keechaka and then make a decision on this very soon!” Now, this is a very diplomatic answer and is very non-committal isn’t it? The king is giving such an answer even after seeing the “Adharmic” act happening in front of his own two eyes, because of the fear that he has for Keechaka. As mentioned earlier, Keechaka is like a “de-facto” king of the Viraata Desha, as the king is totally powerless in many aspects of the administration. Hence, the king doesn’t want to rub on the wrong side of Keechaka and get into trouble with him later on. Thus, we can see how even in those days, political behaviour had panned out and how “Adharma”, even if it happens blatantly, had gone unnoticed! 

It is at this time, Yudishtra (Kanka) comes up with a logic that is quite not understandable for many people around, except for the Paandava brothers and Draupati. Yudishtra explains indirectly in a coded language as to how their twelve year period got over in the forest and how their current twelve-month period is also going to get over very soon, and how the Raashis are twelve in number. Hence, the message is very clear – As we’re nearing the twelve-month “Agnyaata Vaasam” period’s ending, after the twelve-year Vana-Vaasam, it is always important for us to stay concealed in our identities, even though we might face dangers and threats of “Adharma”. Rather than revolting and revealing ourselves, it is always better to be patient and adjust to whatever happens, without blurting out or exposing ourselves! As Yudishtra says thus, he also indirectly advises Draupati to go inside her room, rather than demanding explanations and encouraging a war of words with people around. 

Thus, as all these are happening, Keechaka is still trying to misbehave with Draupati in front of the king and is also trying to justify his actions! We shall understand up to this point for today, and in the next episode, we shall continue this discussion forward to witness whether Draupati obtained justice for what she had to undergo! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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