Episode # 662 – Keechaka misbehaves with Sairandhri – Sairandhri prays to Surya Bhagawan for help!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Keechaka staying firm on his decision to somehow get married to Sairandhri (Draupati), unknowing her background. Even though his sister Sudeshna tries to explain Sairandhri’s background as much as she knows, (she too doesn’t know that Sairandhri is none other than Draupati, who is the wife of the Paandava brothers), Keechaka is in no mood to listen. We’ve already witnessed earlier that Keechaka tried directly to propose his love to Sairandhri, only to meet with resistance from her. Subsequently, he once again asks Sudeshna for help, only to be warned of imminent danger. However, Keechaka’s lust is overcoming his intellect and is still not able to understand the deeper meaning of what Sudeshna is trying to explain to him. So what does Keechaka do next? Let us witness today! 

As we’re witnessing currently, Keechaka is not going to listen any further to Sudeshna’s advice. He orders Sudeshna thus: “Oh Sudeshna! I did not come here to seek advice from you! I want things to be done, and I do not want reasons for things not being done! You’re saying that there are five “Gandharvas” who are protecting Sairandhri. Now let me tell you one thing clearly – Even if a thousand “Gandharvas” come and attack me, I will not be defeated by any chance! So, please do not give me all these explanations and waste my time and energy. I’m not prepared to listen to all this. Now that you’re not ready to support me in this cause, I shall instruct you as to what you would be doing – Tonight I will be in my chamber and at the time of sleep, you’ve to call Sairandhri, give her a glass of alcoholic drink and ask her to come into my room and hand it over to me. When she comes alone with the glass of alcoholic drink, I shall ensure that she will give in to my desires. This is the only way in which I can capture her!” As Keechaka says thus, he says decisively in such a way that Sudeshna is unable to talk anything back! Anyways, the kingdom itself is running only on Keechaka’s shoulders, as Sudeshna’s husband (The king of Viraata Desha) is virtually powerless in front of Keechaka! 

Here again, we’re witnessing another case wherein if we do not listen to the words of elders, we’re going to meet a huge disaster in life. We’ve also earlier seen many cases wherein people listened to the words of elders and escaped disasters. For instance, King Janame-Jaya was performing the “Sarpa-Satra Yaaga” for the demise of all the snakes in this world, and Sage Vaishampayana and the other key sages advised him to stop the Yaaga then and there. King Janame-Jaya obeyed Sage Vaishampayana’s words and with this, a huge disaster was averted and the snakes were saved. At the same time, we’ve also seen how Ravana met his end by not listening to Hanuman or Vibheeshana. Here, in the Mahabharata also, we’ve been seeing how Duryodhana is constantly disobeying the words of elders, and as everytime he discards them, he meets with disasters! Even though he meets with disasters, does Duryodhana learn his lessons? No! He doesn’t! Similarly here too, we’re seeing Keechaka discarding the words of “Dharma” from his sister and is going ahead with the “Adharmic” act of going behind someone else’s wife. So let us see what is going to happen to Keechaka next! 

As Keechaka orders thus, Sudeshna calls Sairandhri and passes on this information to her. Initially even though Sairandhri puts up a resistance, she could not say much, because she is in a position not to reveal her true identity. If she protests too much, chances are high that her identity may be revealed, and hence, she plays a safe game. She accepts the instruction, takes the glass of alcoholic drink and enters into Keechaka’s room at night. As Sairandhri walks past Keechaka, he tries to pull Sairandhri’s hands with his! Resisting that heinous act immediately thus, Draupati shrugs him off and starts running towards the king’s courtroom. Keechaka chases Sairandhri all the way till the king’s courtroom and as she sees Keechaka relentlessly coming after her, Sairandhri prays ardently to “Soorya Bhagawan”! Initially when Draupati enters into the Viraata Desha, she seeks Soorya Bhagawan’s divine “Anugraha” and with this, Soorya Bhagawan sends a Raakshasa as her bodyguard to conceal her identity and protect her! 

Now comes the critical point for Keechaka. What is Soorya Bhagawan going to unleash? How is he going to protect Draupati now? Let us wait and witness this interesting set of events unfolding in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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