Episode # 656 – Goddess Durga provides her divine “Anugraha” to Yudishtra & Co.!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the “Viraata Parva”, wherein the Paandavas begin their “Agnyaata-Vaasam”. As they choose the Viraata Nagara to spend this time in a disguised manner, Yudishtra and Co. decide upon the modalities for the same. With this, all the six of them (inclusive of Draupati) make their way towards the Viraata Nagara and as they are about to enter the city, they find a huge banyan tree with a big hole in the trunk, wherein they can hide all their weapons. Arjuna and Bheemasena are deeply disgusted to part away from their Gaandeepa bow and the Gadha respectively, but the situation is such that, if they go inside with their weapons, people would easily find out their true identities. Hence, all the five of them pack their weapons in a cloth, store it inside the trunk of that banyan tree and hang a dead human body from the tree’s branches, in a way that the hole is covered. This is also an identification mark for them and also a means to scare people and animals away from this tree, so that their weapons are safe and secure for the next one year. 

After this, the Paandavas enter into the Viraata Nagara and on their way, they stop at a small temple for Goddess Durga Devi. Yudishtra prays to Mother Durga thus, “Oh Durga Devi! You are the sister of our Bhagawan Krishna, aren’t you? You saved Bhagawan Krishna from the wretched hands of Kamsa on the day of His divine incarnation. You have the holy names of Durga, Bhadra, Kaali, Narayani, etc. All of us are under the divine “Anugraha” of Bhagawan Krishna and we are trying our best to obey all His words of direction and advice. Oh Durga Devi! We seek your “Anugraha” too, as we enter into this tough phase of our lives!” As Yudishtra and Co. offer their prayers deeply thus, Mother Durga is extremely impressed and appears in front of them in person! Mother Durga says thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I know that your mind is deep-rooted in “Dharma” and I know that Bhagawan Krishna (My brother) is protecting you in all possible ways. However, since you’ve prayed to me also, it is my duty to provide my divine “Anugraha” to all of you. I hereby would like to grant something for you and you may please feel free to ask me whatever you wish to!” 

As Mother Durga asks thus, Yudishtra replies back, “Oh Durga Devi! We are extremely pleased to have your divine “Darshan”, which not many people in this world could have in front of their two eyes! You are the supreme mother! If you are with us always, what more do I ask for? We just need your divine presence with us at all times and we need your protection in our pursuit towards the path of “Dharma”!” As Yudishtra says thus, Mother Durga is in tears of joy! She is extremely impressed with Yudishtra’s reply, but still, Mother Durga wants to grant something to them that is tangible in nature. Hence, Mother Durga replies thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I know that you wouldn’t want to ask me anything materialistic and your reply is something on my expected lines. However, I would wish to grant two things to you as per my liking – Firstly – You will get back your kingdom very soon, and it is just a matter of time from now. Indraprastha will definitely be yours at any cost!” As Mother Durga grants this, Yudishtra quickly asks her thus, “Oh Mother! You’re talking about something that is happening in the future. But we’re going to commence a tough phase in our life – The “Agnyaata Vaasam”. Hence, please ensure that we are not spotted by anybody anywhere!” As Yudishtra requests thus, Mother Durga replies back: “Oh Yudishtra! This was the same thing that I wanted to grant to all of you. Please do not worry! You will not be spotted by anybody and your real identities will not be showcased in any way! You will be under my protection at all times. Please enter into the city boldly and go ahead with your plans!” 

As Mother Durga provides her Divine Anugraha thus, Yudishtra performs the “Jala-Tarpana” to his father at that spot itself and with this, all the five brothers and Draupati disperse off in different directions as per their assigned roles. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness how the “Agnyaata Vaasam” is going to pan out for them! Stay tuned for interesting updates! 🙂 


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