Episode # 654 – Yudishtrs & Co. hide their weapons amidst a huge tree!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on how the Paandava brothers are planning to take a disguised form, so as to shield themselves from being found out by Duryodhana and Co. for the next one year. This is the “Agnyaata Vaasam” period that we’re currently talking about and we’re amidst the “Viraata Parva”, wherein Yudishtra decides that all of them would spend their one year period at the Viraata Nagara. Yudishtra will be known as “Kanka” for the next one year and would be a spectator of the gambling game in the king’s palace. Bheemasena will be a cook and will serve somewhere in the Viraata Nagara. Arjuna will be amidst a group of women, as per Urvashi’s curse that he received around 6-7 years ago while he was at the “Svarga Lokha” with Indra. Arjuna is going to have a name called “Brihan-Nala” and he would be practising dance and music amidst women. Thus, we’re seeing how the Paandavas plan to lead a secretive life for the next one year period. 

Similarly, when it comes to Nakula and Sahadeva, Nakula had the expertise in horse-riding and hence, he decided to go to the horse shed and take care of the horses there. Sahadeva went to the cow shed to take care of the cows in the country. Draupati renames herself as “Sairandri” and decides to attend to the queen of the Viraata Desha, “Sudeshna Devi”. Draupati decides to be Sudeshna Devi’s domestic helper. In this way, the Paandavas along with Draupati disguise themselves and disperse into the Viraata Nagara. Now as all of them are about to leave for their respective jobs, a doubt erupts in Yudishtra’s mind – Where will they leave all their weapons that they’re carrying with them? Of course, none of them can carry their weapons with them when they enter, isn’t it? If Arjuna carries the “Gaandeepa” bow, everyone will figure out his real identity as Arjuna is famously known for it. If Bheemasena takes his “Gadha” weapon and goes into the kitchen, everybody will find out who he is! 🙂 Similar is the story with Nakula and Sahadeva too with their javelins. Thus, Yudishra thinks of a plan and chooses a “Samee Vriksha”, which is equivalent to a huge banyan tree. As Yudishtra and Co. are travelling towards the Viraata Desha by crossing many other territories in the middle, they come across this huge tree at the entrance of the city. Yudishtra narrows down on this tree and decides that if their weapons are packed and kept inside the trunk of this tree, they would be safe and nobody will touch them. 

Thus, the five brothers put down all their respective weapons on a cloth and wrap all of them together with it. Thus, the entire lot is packed well and Yudishtra places it safely inside the tree’s trunk by drilling a hole in it. In order to add some more security, as Yudishtra looks around, he finds a dead human body lying at a distance. The Paandavas bring that body near that tree and hang it amidst it’s branches, in such a way that it covers the entire package of weapons that is kept inside. This is a good idea because if there’s a dead body hanging from the tree, nobody would dare to come closer to it as it is an inauspicious thing. Thus, the Paandava brothers finish packing and storing, and with this, all of them disperse to their respective places as planned. 

As Arjuna and Bheemasena keep their weapons down and hide it thus, both of them feel extremely bad. Arjuna’s favourite weapon is his “Gaandeepa” and never for the past so many years since he obtained it, has he kept it like this even for a single minute! However, there is no option now but to do so! With a heavy heart thus, the Paandavas slowly proceed towards the entrance of the Viraata Nagara. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall continue with this interesting discussion in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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