Episode # 649 – Spiritual benefits of reading / listening to the “Yaksha-Prashnam” – Sage Vyasa details!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Yama-Dharma-Raja granting various boons to Yudishtra. In these lines, Yudishtra’s first boon was the Brahmana Rishi to somehow regain his lost wooden piece, so that he would be able to continue his “Agnihotra Karma” without any hiccups. Secondly, Yudishtra asks for protection during his Agnyaata-Vaasam time where he and his brothers have to live in a disguised manner for a period of one year. Thirdly, Yudishtra prays to Yama-Dharma-Raja that at all times, his mind should never deviate even an inch from the path of “Dharma”, no matter whatever obstacles he would be facing in future. This is the most important boon that Yudishtra is requesting from Yama-Dharma-Raja. Normally, if we’re being granted boons, we would always be tempted to ask for luxuries, comforts, success, etc., don’t we? We’ve seen a trail of such things in the past wherein several Raakshasas have been granted all these by Bhagawan Brahma and the others. However, Yudishtra has other plans. He is not really into success through boons. If success comes by following the path of “Dharma”, he would gleefully accept. However, if the success comes through a shortcut by dumping others through “Adharma”, Yudishtra would be the last person to accept it. This is how Yudishtra proves once again to be an epitome of “Dharma” and with this, Yama-Dharma-Raja is mighty impressed and pleased with his approach. Yama-Dharma-Raja immediately grants all these boons to Yudishtra and leaves from there. 

Moving on thus, as we come to the end of this important Parva, we are now going to have a quick glance at the “Phala-Stuthi” that Sage Vyaasa is listing out. If one reads this “Aaraneya Parva” and the “Yaksha-Prashnam” with a lot of devotion, he / she will be able to lead a happy and a satisfied life for over a hundred years! Those of them who listen to this “Yaksha-Prashnam” section in this Parva will be able to overcome to fear of death. Such people will be blessed with a lot of children in their families. These people will have the opportunity to become fathers / mothers / grandparents during their lifetimes and all their children will be inclined towards the “Bhakti-Maarga”. Those of us who read this “Yaksha-Prashnam” will always have our minds deep-rooted in “Dharma” (“Sukrit-Bhaavam”). Even if there is any sort of temptation to slip from the path of “Dharma”, our minds will be steadfast and will never fall into that trap! Those of us who read this section will never have the intention to cheat anybody at any stage of life. Those of us who dedicatedly go through this Parva will never cultivate the desire to abduct others’ property at any cost. In fact, these people will be completely devoid of desire towards accumulating money or any form of property in their lives. They will also never look wrongly at other people’s wives. They will have a happy and a well-settled married life with all the necessary resources and support systems. When it comes to “Dhaanam”, these people who read the “Yaksha-Prashnam” will always be epitomes of it! They will never have the scarcity of resources, which might hinder their divine practice of “Dhaanam”. 

Thus, this “Yaksha-Prashnam” which is embedded into the “Aaraneya Parva” is one of the most important sections in the entire Mahabharata story and has such a lot of significance. Of course, I’ve explained this Parva only to a minimal extent, however, I request readers to take some time and go through the actual text and try to understand the meaning in-depth. We shall also do a separate project on the “Yaksha-Prashnam” once this Mahabharata project is over. So for now, we come to the end of this important Upa-Parva and with this, the subsequent Upa-Parvas talk about how Yudishtra and Co. plan their next course of action as part of their preparations to face the “Agnyaata-Vaasam”. Subsequently, we will enter into the next important Parva called the “Viraata Parva”, which also has enormous significance. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall mark the commencement of the important “Viraata Parva”. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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