Episode # 642 – “The ‘Atman’ miraculously resides inside the ‘Deham’ of every being” – Yudishtra answers Yaksha!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yaksha warning Yudishtra not to consume water from his pond and he wants Yudishtra to answer his questions one by one. Upon seeing his brothers lying unconscious after consuming the pond’s water, Yudishtra has no other option but to accept Yaksha’s demands. Thus, Yudishtra replies to Yaksha that he is ready to answer his questions, to the best of his ability and as per “Dharma”. Now we begin a very important conversation between Yudishtra and Yaksha and we’re going to see various aspects of “Dharma” being explained in a very lucid manner by Yudishtra. Let us commence this conversation in todays’ episode. 

As Yudishtra prepares himself thus, Yaksha asks the first question – “Oh Yudishtra! Please tell me about yourself, and what is the significance of you and your four brothers. I shall also tell you my significance!” As Yaksha asks thus, Yudishtra replies firmly back: “Oh Yaksha! I do not think this is a valid question. I do not believe in talking about myself or my brothers much. No matter who we are, what are you going to gain by knowing about me? I’m also not interested in understanding anything about you. All I want now is to get my brothers back with consciousness. I do not want to waste time dwelling into my past or your past. Hence, if you have better questions to ask, you may do so. Else, allow my brothers to wake up!” 

As Yudishtra firmly answers thus, Yaksha understands slowly that Yudishtra is not an ordinary person as he thought earlier. He now goes straight into his questions. Yaksha asks thus. “Oh Yudishtra! Now let me ask you my first set of questions – Who is the one in this world who makes Soorya Bhagawan rise in the east every day? Who is the one following Soorya Bhagawan’s path every passing day? When does Soorya Bhagawan set every day? What is the significance of this entire process?” Thus, Yaksha begins with a set of four questions and from now, every sloka will have four questions each. At important instances I shall quote the slokas and we shall witness things in detail. As Yaksha asks the first set of four questions, Yudishtra starts replying one after the other. Yudishtra’s answers are as follows: “Oh Yaksha! Soorya Bhagawan rises in the east every passing day due to the divine “Anugraha” of the all-prevailing “Brahman”! Irrespective of whether it is Yama, Soorya, Chandra, or whoever it might be, all of them are being directed and instructed by the all-prevailing “Brahman” only. It is the “Brahman” who issues orders to all these people to do their respective tasks properly. All the Devas (Celestial beings) follow Soorya Bhagawan along his path. Also, Soorya Bhagawan sets every day and rests with “Dharma”. Thus, Soorya Bhagawan is an epitome of “Dharma” and he will always stand by it at all times!” 

As Yudishtra gives answers thus, Yaksha asks the next set of four questions. The important crux of this set of questions is as follows: “Oh Yudishtra! Which in this world do you think is the most miraculous and is very difficult for the human mind to understand and comprehend?” Yudishtra replies thus, “Oh Yaksha! According to me, the breathing that all living beings do to sustain life on this earth is the most miraculous thing that happens in this world! The passage of air in and out of the bodies of every living being, including human beings and all animals and insects, worms, micro-beings, etc. is something that no human mind can understand and comprehend! The fact that only if the air passage is clear will the life sustain for any living being is something beyond comprehension! Moreover, the “Atman” which is inside all living beings is the next most miraculous thing ever! Even though every living being has the “Nava-Dvaarams” (Nine openings) in each of them, the “Atman” still stays inside without escaping through any of these nine openings! Isn’t this miraculous? For instance, if an animal is tied to a pillar with a rope and if the rope is removed, the animal will immediately try to escape isn’t it? Similarly if a bird is caged into a box and if suddenly the cage is opened, won’t the bird immediately fly away? In these lines, the “Atman” is caged inside this physical body. However, even if the physical body has nine openings, which are open at all times, the “Atman” doesn’t escape out so easily! This is miraculous!” 

Now this is an extremely thought-provoking answer from Yudishtra. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall take this discussion forward in the upcoming episode as well. Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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