Episode # 633 – The Vaanara army enters Lanka city through the famous “Ram-Sethu” bridge!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Markandeya’s interesting accord to Yudishtra on how Hanuman burnt the entire city of Lanka and how he came back victorious! Upon arrival at the northern coast, Jambhavan, Angadha and the seniors receive Hanuman with great respect and as Hanuman briefs them as to what happened at Lanka, all of them are extremely happy and thrilled! The mission is successfully completed – Thanks to Hanuman’s single-handed smart and bold approach! As they discuss the way forward, even though Angadha is of the opinion that all of them should now go to Lanka, kill Ravana and bring Mother Sita back with them, Jambhavan and the seniors are not in favor of this idea. The mission given to them is only to find the whereabouts of Mother Sita and not to bring her back. Bringing her back is Bhagawan Rama’s job and not theirs. Hence, the unanimous decision is to convey the happy news that Mother Sita has been found and let Bhagawan Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva decide the next course of action. 

Accordingly, the Vaanara army led by Hanuman and the others arrive at Kishkinta and Hanuman comes forward to convey the important message to Bhagawan Rama! As Hanuman explains to Bhagawan Rama that Mother Sita is safe and secure, the excitement and satisfaction that the face of Bhagawan Rama shows is something that is priceless! Understanding that Hanuman has done something that nobody else could have achieved in this world, Bhagawan Rama looks at Hanuman with great respect! This is a very important moment in the entire Ramayana text wherein the bonhomie between Hanuman and Bhagawan Rama strengthens as never before! As Hanuman explains the entire story of his journey further, Bhagawan Rama wants to reward Hanuman with something, but unfortunately since He is currently in the forest, He does not have any materialistic items to give as reward to Hanuman. Hence, Bhagawan Rama decides to give the “Sparsha-Darshan” to Hanuman as He hugs Hanuman with Him! This is the greatest form of “Anugraha” that Hanuman can ever obtain and he too knows this very well. Hanuman is in tears of joy as his hero gives him the hug, and in turn, Bhagawan Rama accepts Hanuman as His greatest devotee ever! 

As this happens, the next phase of planning commences – Now the entire focus for Bhagawan Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva is to somehow invade Lanka, kill Ravana and release Mother Sita from the imprisonment. Thus, the planning is made meticulously and the entire army starts for the mission! They thread carefully all along the western coastline and slowly come down south near the coast of Rameshwaram. This is where the dilemma of crossing over comes. Hanuman was able to cross over earlier single-handedly as he was able to fly, but what about the others? This is where, the famous “Ram-Sethu bridge” gets built and built within no time – Thanks to the help of all the Vaanaras on one side and the squirrels on the other! More than the Vaanaras, the squirrels are very keen in participating in the “Rama-Kainkarya” and Bhagawan Rama too acknowledges the great contribution done by the squirrels. 

Now, as the bridge gets ready, the entire army gives a grand entry into Ravana’s Lanka city! The marquee battle between the two camps are set to begin, and for today, let us understand up to this point. We shall witness a brief of how the war between Bhagawan Rama and Ravana unfolded and how Bhagawan Rama received Mother Sita after that. Stay tuned for an interesting and important accord! 🙂 


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