Episode # 622 – Bhagawan Rama kills Vaali – Coronates Sugriva as the Vaanara King!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion between Sage Maarkandeya and Yudishtra as part of the “Raama-Upaakhyaana Parva” wherein he talks about how Bhagawan Rama lost Mother Sita to Ravana and subsequently Bhagawan Rama goes in search of Mother Sita all through the forest. On the way, Bhagawan Rama sees Jatayu in a pitiable condition wherein he was fatally wounded by Ravana. Bhagawan Rama quickly understands the jist of what had happened from Jatayu before he breathes last! For the selfless service that Jatayu had rendered to Bhagawan Rama to protect Mother Sita, Bhagawan Rama straightaway directs his “Atman” to reach the highest “Moksha”! Subsequent to that, we’ve witnessed Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana making their way towards the southern direction and meet Kabandha. Bhagawan Rama singlehandedly defeats him and with his guidance, the duo walk their way towards Kishkinta, amidst the beautiful Rishyamukha Mountain on the banks of the Pampa Sarovar lake. This is the dwelling place for all the “Vaanaras” headed by Sugriva. 

As Sugriva is initially scared to meet these two people, he sends Hanuman as a messenger. Subsequently, Hanuman realizes who Bhagawan Rama really is and nurtures the friendship between Sugriva and Bhagawan Rama. The deal is made – Bhagawan Rama will kill Vaali who is torturing Sugriva till date, and in return, Sugriva and Co. will aid Bhagawan Rama in the search operation of Mother Sita. Thus, as decided, Bhagawan Rama, along with Sugriva go to the place where Vaali is residing. It should be remembered by readers that Vaali is Sugriva’s brother. As Sugriva goes and calls Vaali for a fight, Bhagawan Rama readies Himself behind the bushes to attack Vaali from behind. However, due to the similarities between the two brothers, Bhagawan Rama could not identify who Sugriva and Vaali are amidst the fight! Finally, Vaali defeats Sugriva and inflicts heavy blows on him! Bruised and hurt, Sugriva comes back and yells at Bhagawan Rama! He feels cheated! However, Bhagawan Rama assures Sugriva that this time, things will not go wrong. Lakshmana gives Sugriva a garland to wear, so that this can be the differentiator between the two! Thus, for a second time, Sugriva goes to fight with Vaali, and this time Bhagawan Rama correctly spots Vaali and aims a sharp arrow towards him from behind! Unable to bare this unexpected quicker from Bhagawan Rama, Vaali falls on the ground! Subsequently, Vaali realizes that it was Bhagawan Rama who had attacked him from the back and he yells at Bhagawan Rama to have been a coward for not having the guts to come and fight him from the front! However, with valid justifications, Bhagawan Rama proves His point as to why He attacked Vaali from the back and with this, Vaali requests Sugriva to accept his son Angadha. With this, Vaali breathes last and passes away! 

With this, Bhagawan Rama declares Sugriva as the king of the Vaanara army and Angadha as his able lieutenant. Lakshmana performs the coronation for Sugriva and with this, the first part of the deal is over. Now it is up to Sugriva and Co. to execute the second part of the deal – To commence the search operation of Mother Sita! How is Sugriva going to go about things? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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