Episode # 620 – Jataayu’s valiant effort to save Mother Sita – But in vain!!!

We’re amidst an important juncture of Sage Maarkandeya’s accord to Yudishtra with regards to how Bhagawan Rama had to endure enormous suffering along with Mother Sita. We’ve witnessed in the previous episode how Ravana plotted a trap to abduct Mother Sita and how he succeeded in that pursuit. He sent Maareecha as a “golden deer” to tempt Mother Sita, who in turn sent Bhagawan Rama to capture that deer. As Bhagawan Rama did not return for a long time, Mother Sita sends Lakshmana in search of Bhagawan Rama’s whereabouts. Thus, as Mother Sita is alone at home, Ravana makes an entry and abducts her quite easily! As Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana return back to Panchavati, they are shell-shocked to understand that Mother Sita has been abducted by someone! This was a trap and Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana have fallen right into it! 

Searching their way through, Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana walk through several areas in the forest. There is nobody who can give them any clue or traces of where Mother Sita is. Meanwhile, as Ravana is on the way to Lanka with Mother Sita, Jataayu, the leader of eagles spots Ravana. Jataayu immediately decides to fight down Ravana and protect Mother Sita and hence, sends out a warning to Ravana to stop doing what he is currently doing! However, Ravana is in no mood to listen to any warnings whatsoever! Jataayu now decides that there is no other alternative but to wage a battle with Ravana. It is precisely the same time that Mother Sita too folds her hands and requests Jataayu to save her from Ravana’s wrath! Taking cue from Mother Sita’s request, Jataayu goes full throttle against Ravana, only for his wings to be chopped off by Ravana’s powerful “Chandrahaasa” sword! As Jataayu is an aged eagle, he could not fight Ravana any further, even though he gave his best shot against Ravana. Unable to withstand any further, Jataayu falls on the ground bleeding profusely. He is just waiting for Bhagawan Rama to come to him and to convey the news about Mother Sita’s whereabouts. 

As Jataayu waits and waits, Bhagawan Rama comes near that vicinity and as He hears the “Raama-Naama-Japa”, Bhagawan Rama quickly understands that this person is none other than Jataayu himself! Upon seeing Jataayu in this pitiable state, Bhagawan Rama runs towards Jataayu and holds him on His lap. With tears in His eyes, Bhagawan Rama enquires with Jataayu the trail of events that took place. As Bhagawan Rama asks thus, Jataayu doesn’t explain what happened to Mother Sita straightaway, and instead, he is singing in praise of Bhagawan Rama and the “Rama-Naama-Japa”! Even though Jataayu is grimacing in pain, he forgets all that and feels fortunate to be in Bhagawan’s divine hands! Upon looking at Bhagawan Rama’s beautiful face, Jataayu forgets everything around him and just keeps admiring at Bhagawan’s face! However, upon Bhagawan Rama’s repeated enquiry, Jataayu slowly opens up. He explains to Bhagawan Rama how Ravana abducted Mother Sita and how he went on a rampage to save her from Ravana’s fold. Eventually, Jataayu explains how Ravana cut through his wings and how he fell into this pitiable state. 

Unable to withstand any further, Jataayu falls into an unconscious state in Bhagawan Rama’s hands. Upon seeing Jataayu’s state, Bhagawan Rama bursts out crying! On one hand, He is so happy with the selfless service that Jataayu had done for Him, and on the other hand, He is extremely sad that He is losing out on a great companion and a devotee! However, the time has come for Jataayu and with this, Bhagawan Rama orders Jataayu’s “Atman” to directly transcend to “Moksha” without any hiccups! Such is the fortune that Jataayu had for lending a helping hand to Bhagawan Rama and through this episode, we shall also understand Jataayu’s unconditional “Bhakti” and “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan. 

As Jataayu passes away, Bhagawan Rama performs all the last rites for him and with this, He along with Lakshmana moves further as per Jataayu’s directions and guidance. It is Jataayu who tells Bhagawan Rama that Ravana has gone in the southern direction towards Lanka and he requests Bhagawan Rama to proceed in this direction further. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness how Bhagawan Rama along with Lakshmana proceeded southwards in search of Mother Sita! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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