Episode # 613 – The auspicious “Sita-Rama-Vivaaham” – Sage Markandeya explains to Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maarkandeya explaining the entire “Charitra” of Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita, and how they had to undergo enormous suffering together in the forest. But before that, Yudishtra wants to listen to the full “Charitra” of who Bhagawan Rama was, how He incarnated, how He married Mother Sita, etc. before going into the suffering part. Hence, Sage Maarkandeya details the entire Ramayana story, wherein we’ve witnessed yesterday as to how Bhagawan Rama incarnated, and subsequently the reason for His divine incarnation. We’ve also seen how Ravana and the other Raakshasas obtained their respective boons from Bhaagwan Brahma and how they began their atrocities on the earth. Frustrated by this, the Devas go to Bhagawan Vishnu with a long list of complaints about Ravana and with Bhagawan Vishnu assuring all of them of protection, He decides to incarnate in the form of four human beings – Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. 

Thus, for the next twelve years, the four children grow up royally in King Dasharata’s palace with all the luxuries, and at the end of the twelfth year, Sage Vishnwamitra comes to meet King Dasharata and he wants to take Bhagawan Rama along with him to perform some important “Yaagam”. Even though King Dashatrata refuses to send Bhagwan Rama along with Sage Vishwamitra, upon the instruction of Sage Vasishtachaarya who is also sitting alongside King Dasharata, Bhagawan Rama along with Lakshmana are sent along with Sage Vishwamitra. Thus, after the Yaagam is completely over, at the end of it, Bhagawan Rama kills the Raakshasa by name Shubaahu, but packs off Maareecha and sends him deep into the ocean with his powerful arrows! Meanwhile, Bhagawan Rama also kills the Raakshasi called Thaataka. After all these are over, Sage Vishwamitra takes the two children to Mithilapuri, which is the abode of the great King Janaka. Sage Vishwamitra goes there to perform the “Dhanur-Yaaga” for the “Shiva-Dhanus” (A bow which was gifted to King Janaka by Bhagawan Shiva long back). 

As all of them land there, they come to know that King Janaka had arranged for a “Svayamvara” for his beautiful little daughter by name Sita. The rule was very simple – Whoever picks up the Shiva-Dhanus and breaks it, will be the one who will be marrying Sita. Now it is time for Bhagawan Rama to prove His might! Upon the motivation from Sage Vishwamitra, Bhagawan Rama moves forward and successfully breaks the “Shiva-Dhanus”, which sends the entire audience into a stunning silence! The impossible has been made possible by a 12-year-old boy! King Janaka is extremely happy and he immediately calls for King Dasharata and family to come to Mithilapuri for proceeding with the marriage talks! King Dasharata too is extremely happy and immediately arrives with all his people. The marriage is fixed, and the auspicious “Sita-Rama-Kalyaanam” episode takes place with all the grandeur! Bhagawan Rama marries Mother Sita with the divine “Anugraha” of all the Devas, and also with the blessings of both King Janaka and King Dasharata. Bhagawan Rama is happy that his parents have been involved in the forefront in this marriage. In turn, Mother Sita is also happy because she feels that King Janaka has found the right person and family for her. Thus, all of them return back to Ayodhya and on the way, Bhagawan Rama defeats Parashurama. With this, for the next twelve years, all of them at Ayodhya including Bhagawan Rama and Sita, Lakshmana and Urmila, Bharata and Maandavi and Shathrughna and Shutakeerthi are happily leading their newly married lives until things drastically changed! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode we shall witness the various circumstances that led to Bhagawan Rama being exiled to the forest! Stay tuned for a refreshing update! 🙂 


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