Episode # 604 – Key learning for us from the Sage Dhurvasa – Yudishtra anecdote!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Yudishtra is meticulously following the path of “Dharma” even though the path is hard. He is sacrificing his hunger to wait for Sage Dhurvasa to arrive, although he knows that Sage Dhurvasa has already left mid-way. This impresses Bhagawan Krishna a lot and even after Bhagawan Krishna tries to tempt Yudishtra to call off his waiting, Yudishtra doesn’t give in. This is the important lesson that all of us should learn from such episodes in the Mahabharata. We’ve just witnessed how Mudgala followed the path of “Dharma” by waiting for fifteen days for one sumptuous meal. Even in that, if a guest comes home, serving the guest becomes the top priority and his meal takes a backseat. It was the same Sage Dhurvasa who tested Mudgala as well and here is Sage Dhurvasa again to test Yudishtra too! However, with the divine intervention of Bhagawan Krishna, Yudishtra’s “Dharma” is being protected. 

From this, we’ve to understand one important lesson too – If we’re steadfast in our practices and in our path towards “Dharma”, Bhagawan will always stand with us like a rock! At times, even if our path of “Dharma” is quite dangerous to walk through, Bhagawan will always come to our rescue. If our “Dharma” is under threat, Bhagawan will rush towards us to intervene. This is exactly what happened with Yudishtra and Draupati too here, isn’t it? When Yudishtra had given his promise to Sage Dhurvasa that he would serve him and his disciples a sumptuous meal, he gave the promise without even realizing that the kitchen was empty! Given this fact, how will Draupati serve all of them? Where will they go for procuring all the raw materials for preparing the food for everyone? This is where Bhagawan Krishna intervened. If there is a danger along the path of “Dharma” which Yudishtra is following, at every instance in the Mahabharata we would be able to see Bhagawan Krishna’s divine intervention. This is not the first place where we’re seeing this happening. Right from the childhood days of Yudishtra and Co. whenever they faced problems, Bhagawan Krishna will always come for their rescue. We’ve seen this happening during the wax palace episode, as to how Bhagawan Krishna timely sent Vidura and his assistant to bail the Paandavas out of the great danger of being burnt down! Subsequently, all of us know what happened during the gambling game – How Draupati was saved and protected by Bhagawan Krishna! We’ve also seen how Bhagawan Krishna frequently visited Yudishtra and Co. when they were ruling the Indraprastha kingdom before the gambling game occurred. 

Thus, at every instance, whenever the Paandavas are facing difficulty, Bhagawan Krishna will always rally behind them. Now why is He doing so? It is only because of the fact that the Paandava brothers stood by the “Dharma” path at every point in time. Especially Yudishtra, who is an epitome of “Dharma” – How can Bhagawan keep quiet by refraining from helping him out at crucial times? Yudishtra is putting that meticulous effort of practising “Dharma”, isn’t he? So he should be rewarded for it, isn’t it? This is where Bhagawan plays an important role. He will not interfere in any way with any of our actions, but if He finds credibility, honesty and sincerity in whatever we’re doing, and when things are taking the tough route, Bhagawan will come up to us with His divine intervention! Bhagawan is like a leader or a CEO of an organization – Unless and until things are going fine in the company, the CEO will not interfere unwantedly in the everyday activities. However, when he / she senses that something is going wrong, it is only then the CEO will intervene and find out what is happening, isn’t it? Similarly here also, if everything goes well, Bhagawan will never intervene and this is why He has gifted us with all our six senses! It is up to us to use our intellect and follow the path of “Dharma” as prescribed by Bhagawan. If we’re deviating from it, Bhagawan will not intervene unnecessarily. He will however keep giving us chances to mend our ways and improve ourselves. However, if we’re not improving, Bhagawan will finally take the stick in the hand! 

So this is the important learning that all of us have to imbibe from this Yudishtra-Draupati-Sage Dhurvasa episode and for today let us reflect upon this and consciously take efforts to mend our ways towards the path of “Dharma”! We shall wait till the next episode to move on further with our discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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