Episode # 602 – Sage Dhurvasa leaves straightaway without returning to Yudishtra’s place!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein Bhagawan Krishna is bailing out Draupati and Yudishtra from a tricky situation! Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples had gone for a freshening up, before they would be back at Yudishtra’s place for a sumptuous dinner, as promised by Yudishtra! However, when Yudishtra comes to know that Draupati had already finished her meal for the day, he is in a fix as to how do they serve all of them. At this time, Bhagawan Krishna arrives timely, thanks to the ardent prayers of Draupati. Bhagawan Krishna, as we’ve witnessed in the previous episode, consumes that one last food grain sticking on to the “Akshaya Paatra” of Draupati, which satisfies His hunger completely! As Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger gets satisfied, Sage Dhurvasa and his other disciples too feel that they’re already stomach-full! With this, the 10,000-odd disciples feel that it is time for them to leave Yudishtra’s place, even without having the meal. Sage Dhurvasa too feels the same, but he is now scared as to whether he would be undermining Yudishtra’s “Dharma”. He is now in a fix clearly! What does Sage Dhurvasa do? Let us witness in today’s episode! 

As the disciples feel more and more stomach-full, they are unable to bear that feeling. They start choking and their feeling of leaving the place immediately is getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Even as Sage Dhurvasa tries to convince them that they should atleast visit Yudishtra for a few minutes before leaving, the disciples aren’t really ready to pay heed to Sage Dhurvasa’s words. Understanding the situation thus, Sage Dhurvasa too decides to leave, as he is also increasingly feeling the same! Hence, Sage Dhurvasa and Co. make a decision to bypass Yudishtra’s place and leave straightaway from the riverbank where they had their shower. As they take leave, Yudishtra and Co. meanwhile are waiting for Sage Dhurvasa’s arrival. Time is running out, and there are no signs of Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples returning back! The ploy of Bhagawan Krishna has clearly worked out! As Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger was arrested by that one small rice grain, Sage Dhurvasa’s hunger too was automatically arrested! This is how Bhagawan protects those people who walk the path of “Dharma”! 

Meanwhile, as Yudishtra’s patience is running out, he starts feeling concerned. What happened to Sage Dhurvasa and his people? Are they safe? Are they facing any problem anywhere? Having all these questions in mind, Yudishtra sends his brother Sahadeva to find out what really happened and where Sage Dhurvasa is. Sahadeva goes in search of all of them, only to see the river bank completely empty! Upon seeing this, Sahadeva couldn’t understand anything. He goes around further in search and starts enquiring with some people around. As he enquires, Sahadeva finds out that all of them who were taking shower, had already taken leave! Unable to decipher where all of them went, Sahadeva comes back to Yudishtra and reports his findings! Meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna is still sitting with all of them and casually chatting. Bhagawan Krishna jokingly asks thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Oh Sahadeva! Why isn’t Sage Dhurvasa returning back? What is he doing there at the riverbank? For how long will he take a shower? All of us have to get ready for the next meal for the day, isn’t it? Aren’t you all feeling hungry already? It has been a lot of time since we’re waiting!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna wantedly asks thus, Yudishtra still sticks to his “Dharma”! He gives a beautiful answer to Bhagawan Krishna here – “Oh Bhagawan! Yes. Sage Dhurvasa is taking time to return. However, we should not consume food as yet. In the “Dharma-Shaastra” there is a stipulated timing for which we’ve to wait for a guest to return back before consuming food. We’ve not crossed that time yet! So let us patiently wait for Sage Dhurvasa to come back!” As Bhagawan Krishna hears this from Yudishtra, He is overjoyed! He again replies back thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I don’t think Sage Dhurvasa would come back. Sahadeva too is reporting that he had already left. Hence, let us get ready for our next meal!” Even as Bhagawan Krishna repeatedly assures this way, Yudishtra isn’t convinced! He wants to stick to his “Dharma” whatsoever, even if Bhagawan Himself reassures of the situation. This is how Yudishra is! So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall continue this discussion further in the next episode! Stay tuned 🙂 


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