Episode # 593 – Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Vaikunta” – Abode of permanent happiness & bliss!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhurvasa granting Mudgala the right to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” for all the “Punya-Karma” that he had been performing throughout his life. However, Mudgala isn’t ready as yet, to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” as he keeps asking questions to the “Deva-Dhootas” who come to escort him. As Mudgala asks the characteristics of the “Svarga Lokha”, the “Deva-Dhootas” explain all the positives of it, without mentioning the negatives. However, Mudgala is more interested in the negatives than the positives. He asks for it again, and the “Deva-Dhootas” explain the only negative aspect of the “Svarga Lokha” – If our “Punya-Karma” account empties out, one cannot reside in the “Svarga Lokha” even for a minute. He / she would be pushed back mercilessly into the “Manushya Lokha” and the “restart” button for our “Karma” would be pressed! This is the grave danger of getting to the “Svarga Lokha”. Of course, until our “Punya Karma” account has “valid points”, things are very luxurious and completely full of resources. We can enjoy every bit of things there. However, when our “validity” of our “Punya-Karma” comes to an end, we would be pushed back. This concept is very similar to how our “Sim cards” act in our mobile phones – Until we have the validity period of our call plans, we would be able to enjoy the benefit of making calls or sending messages. However, if the plan’s validity comes to an end, immediately from the next minute onwards the facility will be withdrawn, isn’t it? Similar is the story here also! 

Thus, as the Deva-Dhootas explain this point, they once again try to convince Mudgala to come with them to the “Svarga Lokha”. They explain thus, “Oh Mudgala! Of course there is this one disadvantage only. But for this one point, why do you want to compromise on the enormous enjoyment and pleasure that is waiting for you out there? You’ve accumulated enough and more “Punya” to have a good time there. Hence, please come with us. The “Vimana” is waiting for you!” As the “Deva-Dhootas” explain this way, Mudgala thinks once again. He is still not convinced. Meanwhile, as this conversation goes on and on, Sage Dhurvasa starts leaving that place. However, Mudgala is not going to let Sage Dhurvasa get away just like that! He asks one more question to both Sage Dhurvasa and the “Deva-Dhootas” thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvasa! Oh Deva-Dhootas! Whatever you’re saying is right! I do not have any problem with that. However, I have only one concern – You’re saying that the “Svarga Lokha” has all the benefits and resources, but it seems to me that it is not a permanent one. I want to go to some “Lokha” wherein I do not want to come back to this “Manushya Lokha” again. It should be permanent in nature. Is there any “Lokha” like that wherein I can experience permanent happiness and bliss?”

As Mudgala asks thus, Sage Dhurvasa intervenes. He explains thus, “Oh Mudgala! Now you’ve asked an important question. There are many Lokhas in this world, just like how we have the “Manushya Lokha” here. For example, apart from the “Svarga Lokha” which the “Deva-Dhootas” have been talking about till now, there is the “Satya Lokha” of Bhagawan Brahma. However, if you ask the same question whether it is temporary or permanent, it is once again temporary. When your “Punya-Kaalam” comes to an end, you should come back here once again. Next, if you transcend further from the “Satya Lokha”, you will reach the “Virajaa Nadhi” (A river in the Celestial space). You might still ask whether if we can take the “Punya-Snaan” in the Virajaa Nadhi and reside there itself in its banks? The answer is “No”! You cannot do that! Of course, if you take the “Punya-Snaan”, all your “Paapa-Karma” will be washed away, and you will be left with your “Punya-Karma”, which will once again take you to the “Svarga Lokha”, and once your “Punya-Karma” gets completed, you will have to come back to the “Manushya Lokha” once more! However, if we go beyond the “Virajaa Nadhi”, we will reach a Lokha called “Vaikunta”, which is the “Nitya-Lokha”. This is where Bhagawan Vishnu resides. If one reaches this “Vaikunta”, he / she is never going to come back anywhere – Be it Manushya Lokha or Naraka Lokha or Svarga Lokha or Satya Lokha. It is a permanent residence with unending bliss, owing to the divine presence of Bhagawan Vishnu! Hence, to answer your question in a nutshell – Yes. There exists one “Lokha” wherein you will get unending joy and happiness and this is nothing but the “Vaikunta”! This “Lokha” is also called “Vishnu-Padam” or “Parama-Padam”!” 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and let us appreciate the significance of “Vaikunta” over all the other Lokhas. We shall wait till the next episode to witness how Mudgala reacts to this answer from Sage Dhurvasa! Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂 


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