Episode # 591 – How does the “Svarga Lokha” look like? The Deva-Dhootas explain to Mudgala!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the importance of “Saathvika Aahaara” as a continuation of our discussion on how Mudgala earned enormous “Sathva Guna” through meticulous “Aahaara Shuddhi”. In this context, we’ve witnessed yesterday as to how consuming non-vegetarian food items increases our “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” and how our “Sathva Guna” deteriorates drastically. We should always remember that for progressing in the spiritual path, our “Sathva Guna” should increase and in turn, our “Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” should come down. For this, the food that we consume plays an important role. As we’ve witnessed earlier, while we consume non-vegetarian food items, we also consume a lot of negative energy from the dead bodies of animals. This negative energy in turn makes us unwantedly aggressive or lazy, which would make us deviate from the path of “Dharma” and spirituality. We should remember this point very importantly as all of us here are spiritual seekers in some way or the other. 

Moving on further, we shall now come back to the context of Mudgala and Sage Dhurvasa. As we had seen earlier, Sage Dhurvasa provides his divine “Anugraha” to Mudgala for transcending to the “Svarga Lokha”. The “Deva-Dhootas” (Messengers from the Celestial Beings) have already arrived at Mudgala’s place to take all of them to the “Svarga Lokha”. But the question here is whether Mudgala is ready to go with them or not. The normal expectation would be Mudgala to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha”, isn’t it? However, what happened here was on the contrary! As the “Deva Dhootas” are waiting with the divine “Vimaana”, Mudgala is not willing to get up! He seems to be completely uninterested in this mission! Mudgala asks back thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvasa! Oh Deva Dhootas! I do not know anything about the “Svarga Lokha! I do not have any idea of how people would be there in that Lokha. I’ve been accustomed all these years to where I am and where I live. So please tell me what the “Svarga Lokha” looks like and how are people there!” 

We should think on a lighter note here – If any one of us gets an opportunity like this to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha”, will we keep asking questions like this, or will we start off immediately? Most of us will choose the latter option, isn’t it? Even if the town next to our locality is  named as “Svarga Lokha” by any chance, we would immediately pack all our bags and go there, without asking any questions, isn’t it? However, Mudgala is different here – He wants to first understand how the “Svarga Lokha” is and who lives there, before he goes! As Mudgala asks thus, the “Deva Dhootas” reply back: “Oh Mudgala! You’ve asked a very important question here. Let us reply back. Anyone who is a “Naasthika” (Talking against Bhagawan) cannot transcend to the “Svarga Lokha”. Anybody who is not rich in “Tapas” cannot transcend there. Anybody who is devoid of “Bhakti” cannot reach the “Svarga Lokha”. Anybody who does not have the “Aatma Gnyaanam” (Knowledge about the Atman) cannot transcend there. Thus, a person who has all the above traits, viz. Tapas, Bhakti, Aatma Gnyaanam, etc. is the one who will be able to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha”. Moreover, a person who is devoid of jealousy, inferiority complex, a person who is an embodiment of compassion towards all other living beings is the one who goes there!” 

The Deva Dhootas continue thus, “Oh Mudgala! A person who reaches the “Svarga Lokha” never experiences any sort of pain, hunger, sleep and thirst. The person gets a divine physical body there and can enjoy all the luxuries that are present. In the centre of the Svarga Lokha you would see the huge “Indra-Sabha” (Courtroom of Indra, who is the leader of the Devas). In that Indra-Sabha it would be music, dance and other events continuously happening without a break! You will be able to enjoy everything. You will never face any discontent in the “Svarga Lokha”. Oh Mudgala! Please understand – You don’t even need to wink your eyes there! There is no necessity to use the washroom. There are no bad smells at all. There is no dirt at all! Such are the characteristics of the “Svarga Lokha” to which you’re going to transcend to! Only divine people live there. In the Svarga Lokha, there is no dearth of any kinds of resources. Everything looks fresh. Everything is so luxurious. You cannot even compare this Manushya Lokha with the “Svarga Lokha” by any chance!” 

So for today, let us understand the characteristics of the “Svarga Lokha” as narrated by the “Deva-Dhootas”. We shall continue this discussion forward in the next episode as well to find out more such important aspects of the “Svarga Lokha”! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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