Episode # 585 – Mudgala – An epitome of “Dhaanam” – Sage Vyaasa explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa’s continuation of his accord with Yudishtra, to explain how significant is “Dhaanam”. He emphasizes the point that the way in which we’re offering the “Dhaanam” is more important than the material that we’re offering. If we’re even offering gold or any higher order material, but with a tinch of expectation of any sorts, it would not be considered as “Dhaanam” at all. Thus, while offering the “Dhaanam”, we should not have even an iota of expectation or attachment towards the object that we’re offering, and this is what real “Dhaanam” is all about! To illustrate this point, Sage Vyaasa is explaining a beautiful story of a person called Mudgala who lived in the Kurukshetra-Desha. This Mudgala used to collect paddy bit by bit everyday with a lot of austerity. Thus, once in fifteen days, as the volume of paddy that he collects comes up to a certain level, his wife will cook a meal for the family and have it. Thus, we should understand here that Mudgala and family have a full meal only once in fifteen days! Even here, before consuming the meal, Mudgala is meticulous to offer the food to Bhagawan and if some guest comes home at that particular time, Mudgala will not hesitate to give the entire cooked food as “Dhaanam” to that guest! This means, Mudgala and family will not consume any food again for the next fifteen days! 

As Sage Vyaasa explains this accord on Mudgala, he becomes very happy within himself! He tells Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I get butterflies in my stomach when I talk about Mudgala! See how he is an epitome of “Dhaanam”! He will not consume even a grain of food without offering the “Dhaanam” and without offering the food to Bhagawan! If such is the case, imagine how much of “Satva Guna” he would have developed over the years! Of course, he might be physically weak because of lack of adequate food and water, but this is not at all a problem! Spiritually advanced people wouldn’t consider this as a weakness at all! Oh Yudishtra! What is real physical weakness? It is when our physical body is completely devoid of the “Satva Guna”, and not when our physical body is not well-nourished with food and water! This is what we’ve to understand here. Hence, Bhagawan likes those people who are nourishing themselves with the “Satva Guna”, and not just with the food and water!” 

Saying thus, Sage Vyaasa continues further, “Oh Yudishtra! As days, months and years passed by, one fine day, there was a test awaiting Mudgala! It was a really tough test. One day, Sage Durvasa came by that way, and he too knows Mudgala’s significance. Hence, he had a sudden wish to meet Mudgala and obtain a “Dhaanam” from his divine hands. With this intention, Sage Durvasa proceeds towards Mudgala’s house. Buoyed by Sage Durvasa’s arrival, Mudgala is extremely happy and welcomes him with all his love and respect! Sage Durvasa straightaway expresses himself thus, “Oh Mudgala! I’ve heard a lot about your “Dhaanam” and how pure and divine you are in this aspect of “Dharma”. I’ve come here today to receive your offering as food. So please, can you serve me some food?” As Mudgala hears this, he is more than happy to serve Sage Durvasa, and coincidentally, this was the fifteenth day wherein the meal was being cooked by his wife. Hence, Mudgala prepares Sage Durvasa’s plate and serves him a little food. Of course, we know how much food Mudgala and family would be having, because of the less quantity of paddy that he brings home. Even then, Mudgala’s wife offers Sage Durvasa a portion of what she had cooked. Sage Durvasa is happily consuming the food from the plate and surprisingly his hunger started to increase by the minute! 

Thus, as Sage Durvasa’s plate is becoming empty, he requests Mudgala for more food. Mudgala’s wife again comes with the second serving, only for Sage Durvasa’s hunger to increase further! Then comes the third serving, and with this, the entire food that is cooked for the day gets over! Sage Durvasa’s hunger is only increasing by the minute and he wants more and more!” So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what happened to Mudgala after this point! Stay tuned for a very interesting accord! 🙂 


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