Episode # 569 – Duryodhana desires to mock at Yudishtra’s suffering – Charts out a plan with Sahuni!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the conclusion of the “Draupati-Satyabhama-Savaadha Parva”, wherein we’ve witnessed very important and interesting answers from Draupati upon Satyabhama’s questions. Draupati explains how she has her husbands under her control completely with her behaviour and character, and not through any other means. She focuses on key points such as transparency between the couple, making sure that the husband is well-taken care of, compatible goals between the couple, cleanliness at home, etc., which are directly applicable for all of us in today’s context as well. If we follow these points in our everyday life, we will endure never-ending and continuous happiness with our family life. Hence, all of us should take this as an opportunity to reflect upon our own family lives and make amendments wherever necessary. With this note, we move into the next “Parva”, which is the “Goshayaatra Parva”. This is a small “Parva” only and we shall quickly skim through what happens in this “Parva” in today’s episode. 

This incident that we’re going to discuss now happens because of Duryodhana’s unnecessary “Ahankaara” (jealousy and arrogance). Let us see what happens. The term “Goshayaatra” indicates taking stock of all the cows when they come into the king’s territory. Every cow has a count or a tag, just to keep a tab on how many cows we have. Even today we do this practice, but of course, with technological advancements, we put RFID tags on the cow’s ears. However, in those days, the practice was a bit traditional. One day, a Brahmana Rishi comes to meet King Dhirdaraashtra at Hastinapura palace. For a long time now, we’ve only been witnessing what is going on at Yudishtra’s side, isn’t it? Now let us for a change go to Hastinapura and see what is happening on the other side. This Brahmana Rishi had first met Yudishtra and Co. in the forest before heading towards Hastinapura. Upon meeting King Dhirdaraashtra, the Rishi explains how Yudishtra and Co. are homeless in the forest, wandering from one place to the other without even properly getting three meals a day. Moreover, the Rishi explains how the forest wild animals are torturing the Paandavas every passing day and how they are negotiating all those threats. Upon hearing all this, King Dhirdaraashtra starts feeling bad and eventually he is in tears as well! Even though King Dhirdaraashtra is in tears that his brother’s sons are suffering this way, does he take any concrete action on ground as a king? He never does and all of us know the reason for King Dhirdaraashtra’s gross inaction too! 

As the Brahmana Rishi narrates all the sufferings of the Paandava brothers in the forest, Duryodhana is also present in the courtroom and hears all these accords. Internally, Duryodhana is extremely happy because this is what he wanted Yudishtra and Co. to undergo! Hence, Duryodhana had a desire – He somehow wanted to go and see Yudishtra and Co. and understand how much suffering they are undergoing! Upon seeing this, readers shouldn’t quickly come to a conclusion that Duryodhana is going to call Yudishtra back, out of mercy or compassion! 🙂 The purpose of Duryodhana’s desire is to have a hearty laugh at Yudishtra’s suffering! He wants to make fun of Yudishtra’s dire situation in person. As Duryodhana expresses this desire to his “companions”, Karna and Sahuni, they too get interested in this idea. 

As Duryoudhana convenes a meeting with his trusted aides, he says thus, “Oh Sahuni uncle! Oh Karna! Let us chart out a plan here – Let us go to the forest with all our army strength! Let us trace the location where Yudishtra and Co. live. We shall reach there and upon seeing all of them, we shall laugh out loud and make them feel embarrassed. Definitely Arjuna will not keep quiet, even though Yudishtra does. Arjuna will want to fight us down, however, they will not have their weapons and armours with them. We shall seize this opportunity to kill all of them there itself and finish the story!” As Duryodhana expresses his plan thus, Sahuni quickly intervenes – “Oh Duryodhana! All your plans look very good on paper! But before all of these, first go to your father and get his approval. The moment you say that you’re going to the forest, your father will shudder. He doesn’t want Yudishtra to be killed at any cost, because your father still has a soft corner towards the Paandavas! First go and convince your father, and then let us plan the rest!” 

As Sahuni says thus, Duryodhana is not very happy again. He asks back thus, “Oh uncle! I understand your point. Yes! My father is a stumbling block for all my plans! Now you only give me an idea as to how I can convince my father on this!” For this, Sahuni gives an idea – “Oh Duryodhana! Anyways, all the cows have returned back to Hastinapura after their seasonal grazing time. Maybe you can use this opportunity and tell your father that you’re in the process of taking stock of all the cows, whether they’ve returned back or not. In this pretext, you can say that some cows are missing and you’re going to the forest in search of them. With this, you can easily execute your plan!” 

As Sahuni gives this idea, Duryodhana rejoices, and goes with his proposal to his father! Now, the question is simple – Will King Dhirdaraashtra accept Duryodhana’s proposal blindly? Or, will he scrutinize his proposal and ask him some tough questions? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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