Episode # 557 – The meat vendor explains his past background to Sage Kaushika!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the meat vendor explaining how the “Satva Guna” in all of us can be identified and measured. He explains that if we’re high on the “Satva Guna”, it will manifest in the form of having a clear mind with the highest level of thought clarity. Also, the way in which we behave politely with others, our positive attitude towards whatever we do, etc. indicates that our “Satva Guna” is on the higher side. However, this is not to discount the fact that the other two Gunas, namely the “Rajo Guna” and the “Tamo Guna” would be completely absent. This cannot be possible for normal human beings like us. Our ‘Rajo Guna” and “Tamo Guna” have certain time periods of the day when they would dominate, however, it is up to the individual to keep both these “Gunas” under check and control. Saying thus, the meat vendor takes Sage Kaushika to his home and introduces him to his parents. He explains how he is of selfless service to both his parents at all times. 

Moving on thus, the meat vendor explains his past background to Sage Kaushika here. He says thus, “Oh Sage Kaushika! In my previous birth, I was a great Brahmin pandit and I was meticulously performing the ‘Veda-Adhyayanam’. However, my friendship spoiled my life. I was friends with a hunter in my nearby locality and one day he had invited me for a hunting spree. Even though I should not have accompanied him for that hunting spree, I did! This is my fate! Even as I went, did I go empty handed? No! I took a bow and arrow and went along with my friend! As both of us were going deep into the forest, there was a dangerous animal that came our way. Sensing the danger, I took out my bow and arrow and hit the animal to death! Unfortunately, that animal was a great sage! He was in the form of that animal and he had come in front of us! Not realizing this, I hurt that sage with my sharp arrows! As I hit that Maharishi, he immediately fumed with anger and cursed me thus, “Oh! You’re seeming to be a Brahmana Rishi and you’ve come on a hunting spree? You shouldn’t have done this! Hence for the crime that you’ve committed, you will immediately go and be born as a meat vendor and keep selling the same kind of meat amidst people who are highly ignorant about spirituality and spiritual development!” As I heard this curse from the Maharishi, I was shocked! I immediately fell on to his feet and seeked unconditional apology for my mistake. However, since the curse was given already, it couldn’t be retaken! But, the Maharishi said thus, “Oh Brahmana! Even though you would be born as a meat vendor, you would be enriched with a lot of “Satva Guna” and with an enormous spiritual development. I acknowledge your apology and hereby change the course of my curse!” As the Maharishi said thus, I was born as a meat vendor and here I am in front of you – Even though I’m a meat vendor, my “Satva Guna” is high, because in the past I was also a Brahmana Rishi like how you are!” 

Saying thus, the meat vendor also expresses his thoughts to Sage Kaushika thus, “Oh Sage Kaushika! I know that you are not asking all these questions to me because you do not know anything. I know that you’re wanting to bring these words of wisdom from my mouth, so that many other people in the future can mend their ways upon listening to my words. Hence, Sage Kaushika! Thank you for this golden opportunity to highlight to the world the importance of the “Dharma” of taking care of parents at their old age!” As the meat vendor says thus, Sage Kaushika too acknowledges his words and provides his divine “Anugraha” to him as he too moves on. With this, we come to the end of this important “Charitra” which Sage Maarkandeya is explaining to Yudishtra and the others! So for today, we shall understand these points and let us wait for the next episode to witness the next important and a long “Charithra” – The history of Bhagawan Skandha (Bhagawan Muruga)! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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