Episode # 554 – As Bhagawan’s ardent “Bhaktas”, we shouldn’t consume non-vegetarian food – An important thought!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how refraining from non-vegetarian food consumption helps us in our spiritual growth and development. We’re witnessing this point as a narrative that the meat vendor gives to Sage Kaushika, which in turn is being narrated by Sage Maarkandeya to Yudishtra and Co. with regards to various aspects of “Dharma”, especially the “Pathivrata Dharma” and the “Maata-Pita-Sushrusha Dharma”. As Sage Kaushika questioned him on why the meat vendor refrains from consuming the meat that he sells, the meat vendor gives an important reply that he knows his “Dharma” of not consuming meat, as it gives a lot of negative vibrations, which is detrimental for spiritual growth. However, he sells it because it is the profession that he had to inherit for a long time, and this is something that Bhagawan had destined for it. Moreover, the meat vendor explains that he is selling the meat to those who do not realize this important aspect of spiritual development. In these lines, we witnessed in yesterday’s episode as to why it is important for us to avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian food, as it only ends up increasing our “Taamasa Guna”, which is laziness and dull feeling. Hence, readers should give this point a due thought as we progress further. 

Moving on thus, we might have a question here – Oh! If it is the case that we should not consume non-vegetarian food, isn’t it only for the Brahmins? We might be belonging to the Kshatriyas, or Vaishyas or any other community or religion too. These things might not be applicable to people like us, isn’t it? Now let me give a simple answer here – The moment we transform ourselves into “Bhaktas” (Ardent devotees) of Bhagawan, we should stop consuming non-vegetarian food, irrespective of whoever we are and from what community we come from! It is not different for different people. As I’ve mentioned earlier as well, all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” are equal and there is no high or low in this. Of course, I accept that it is a mandate for Brahmins to not consume non-vegetarian food, however, if other people are slowly transcending into the spiritual path, we too should refrain from consuming it. For Bhagawan, the “Bhakta” is important, and not the community from where the Bhakta comes from. Hence, whatever rule applies for a “Bhakta”, will apply for all the Bhaktas from all communities and religions. There is thus no difference here! Hence, people from any Varnaashrama Dharma will keep consuming non-vegetarian food, but once we start obtaining spiritual awareness, we should consciously strive to come out of this practice. 

Moreover, there is a “Dharma” for the Kali Yuga, isn’t it? For example, in the previous Yugas, a man was marrying multiple women and making them as his legal wives. However, in this “Kali Yuga”, can this be in practice? We will certainly not accept it, will we? Also, in those previous Yugas, even Brahmins were consuming non-vegetarian foods, and there are references for the same in our Sanaatana Dharma. However, they were able to attain “Moksha”, even though they had this practice. However, with regards to non-vegetarian food, it is the “Dharma” of Kali-Yuga that we as ardent “Bhaktas” of Bhagawan and as ardent followers of our “Sanaatana Dharma”, we should refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food. Hence, as per the “Dharma” of the present Kali-Yuga too, it is justified for Bhaktas to not consume these kinds of food. We should understand that it is the same Bhagawan who is dwelling in our hearts, dwells in the hearts of those living beings as well. So, by killing and consuming those living beings, aren’t we harming Bhagawan as well? We should think about this! 

Moreover, we might ask another question here – “Oh! We are not killing the animal / living being which we’re consuming, isn’t it? Somebody else is killing it and making a meal out of it for us! What is the problem if we’re consuming it?” I agree with this. However, the bigger question here is, who is consuming it! The point here is that, when we consume the killed body of an animal, it comes along with the bad vibrations. Hence, we’ve to be careful here. So for today, let us understand this point clearly and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this discussion forward! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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