Episode # 546 – Why is Bhagawan Vishnu worshipped as Bhagawan Madhusudhana? Sage Markandeya explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the Madhu-Kaidavas wreaking havoc with both Bhagawan Brahma and Bhagawan Vishnu. As we’ve witnessed earlier, the Madhu-Kaidavas took birth from the fat tissue of Bhagawan Vishnu and as they are Raakshasas by birth, they started to show their tantrums on Bhagawan Vishnu and Bhagawan Brahma. As they started to violently stir the umbilical cord that connects Bhagawan Vishnu and Bhagawan Brahma. Bhagawan Brahma upon being terrified, initially offered to grant boons to them. However, the Madhu-Kaidavas were’t prepared to get convinced with all this. Instead, they immediately retorted to Bhagawan Brahma that if he requires any boons from them, he can go ahead and ask! This was the same behavior that was meted out to Bhagawan Vishnu as well, when He tried to convince the Madhu-Kaidavas to stop their nonsense. As Bhagawan Vishnu asked the same question, the Madhu-Kaidavas replied in a very smart manner by saying that they shall be killed by Him only – But in a place wherein there is not even one object or any sort of vegetation! 

As this happens, Bhagawan Vishnu initially thought that this is not going to be a very difficult task from Him, however, when He began searching for such a place all around the world, and in different Lokhas, but for His dismay, He was not able to find anything of that sort at all! Now Bhagawan Vishnu thinks within Himself that perhaps He has made a mistake in giving such a commitment to these Madhu-Kaidavas! Meanwhile, the Madhu-Kaidavas continue to wreak havoc with both Bhagawan Vishnu and Bhagawan Brahma. Finally, without any other option, Bhagawan Vishnu opens His dress in His thigh portion, clears it and brings the Madhu-Kaidavas there. Now this thigh portion is one place wherein there are no other objects and vegetation! Hence, Bhagawan Vishnu uses this opportunity to crush the Madhu-Kaidavas with both His thighs and put them to death! Even the Madhu-Kaidavas did not anticipate that Bhagawan Vishnu would come up with this sort of a plan and eventually they breathed their last! Thus, since Bhagawan Vishnu single handedly killed both the Madhu-Kaidavas, He came to be known as Bhagawan Madhusudhana. Narrating this accord, Sage Maarkandeya explains how Bhagawan Vishnu is the ultimate supreme power in this world and how He proved it through this instance of killing the Madhu-Kaidavas. 

Now moving on further thus, Sage Maarkandeya explains a very important aspect here. He’s now going to talk about the “Pathivrata Dharma” that every woman should follow in her life. From now, we’re going to witness how it is important to be a “Pathivratha” to a husband, and how it is important to be of selfless service to the parents and after this, Draupati and Satyabhama are going to have an important and an interesting conversation with each other. Now we shall commence with the details that Sage Maarkandeya is going to give with regards to the “Pathivrata Dharma”. The interaction begins like this – Yudishtra is asking Sage Maarkandeya thus, “Oh Sage Maarkandeya! Is it always the duty of the wife to be of selfless service to her husband? Why is it so? What are the benefits that she is going to gain by following this “Pathivratha Dharma”? Moreover, what are the benefits that a son will receive if he is of selfless service to his aged parents? In these challenging times, both these aspects of “Dharma” are very difficult to follow and it is becoming very rare to find people following these aspects of “Dharma”! Hence, Sage Maarkandeya! I request you to throw some light on these two aspects of “Dharma” to all of us!” 

As Yudishtra asks these questions, Sage Maarkandeya replies thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You’ve asked very important and very pertinent questions here. Of course, as you’ve rightly said, it is quite rare to find people following these two aspects of “Dharma” today, and in the future, it is going to be even more difficult to find such people. Now let me explain the fundamental rights and duties of the mother and father towards the child!” 

Saying thus, Sage Markandeya is going to explain a very important accord here, and we shall wait till the next episode to commence this important answer. Stay tuned! 🙂 

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