Episode # 544 – “Dharma is the same in all four Yugas” – Sage Markandeya advises Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maarkandeya advising Yudishtra to stick on to the path of “Dharma” as much as possible without any blemish. He renders this point of advice to Yudishtra by narrating the treacherous advent of the Kali Yuga and how “Dharma” will deteriorate to unprecedented levels. However, since Yudishtra has Bhagawan Krishna in his vicinity at all times, he should not worry too much about the blatant “Adharma” that is happening around him. Sage Maarkandeya motivates Yudishtra by explaining to him how fortunate he is to have Bhagawan Krishna near him at all times. Even though He might not be available everytime physically, He comes to visit the Paandavas very frequently. In fact, if we look at various instances in the Mahabharata as a combined thread, we would be able to witness that whenever Yudishtra and Co. need some help and guidance, Bhagawan Krishna will appear from nowehere. He will always be physically present with Yudishtra and Co. whenever there is an ardent need, and in fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself says in many occasions that His thoughts suddenly went towards Yudishtra and Co. and with that, He gets an urge to visit them, and hence, He just comes even without a prior intimation or invitation from Yudishtra! Such is the love and affection that Bhagawan Krishna has towards the Paandavas, because of the only reason that they are trying to walk the path of “Dharma”. If the “Bhakta” tries to walk the path of “Dharma”, it becomes Bhagawan’s duty to aid their path in whatever way possible. This is what we’ve to understand from Sage Maarkandeya’s words here. 

As Sage Maarkandeya says thus, he also adds one more important point here – “Oh Yudishtra! If you’ve to be a “Dharma-Atma” in this world, please do not blame the Yuga in which you’re living. Of course, I explained how Dharma will deteriorate during the Dvaapara Yuga and the Kali Yuga, but this is not an excuse for deviating from the path of “Dharma”. Please understand that “Dharma” is the same for all the four “Yugas”. Just because it was “Krita Yuga” earlier, do you think all the people who lived in those times were good? Do you think there were no Raakshasas during those times? What about Hiranyaksha and Hiranya-Kashibu? They also lived during the Krita Yuga only, isn’t it? If such people can exist in those times itself, they can exist during all the Yugas. Hence, let us not blame the “Yuga” for whatever is happening around us. Bhagawan has created the four Yugas for a definitive purpose. There can be no wrong in Bhagawan’s creation. Hence, instead of feeling bad that we’re at a time when “Dharma” is deteriorating, we should only focus on how to establish “Dharma” even during these tough times. Oh Yudishtra! Please understand – If you were in the “Krita Yuga” and if you follow the path of “Dharma”, perhaps it might have been easier. Of course, it is difficult in the “Dvaapara Yuga”. But this is where you’re going to attain success and fame – Following “Dharma” at a time when it is extremely difficult to do so, is going to be your greatest achievement! Hence, please stick on to your path meticulously without any blemish!” 

Saying thus, Sage Maarkandeya is now going to narrate an interesting “Charitra ” (Story) about two Raakshasas – Famously known as “Madhu-Kaidavas”. These two Raakshasas were born out of the fat tissues of Bhagawan Vishnu. So Sage Maarkandeya is going to explain now as to how these two Raakshasas wreaked havoc. Sage Maarkandeya explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! When the Pralaya Kaalam was taking place, Bhagawan Vishnu was in His reclining position (Shayana Thirukkolam) in the ocean. The world was going through the rough transition and it was during this time, these two Raakshasas called Madhu-Kaidavas appeared from Bhagawan Vishnu’s fat tissue. As we know, Bhagawan Brahma branches out of Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Naabhi-Kamalam” and there is an umblical chord from Bhagawan Vishnu’s stomach, which holds Bhagawan Brahma. These Madhu-Kaidavas are now slowly starting to shake this umblical chord violently in a bid to cut it off. Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Brahma gets terrified! 

Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Brahma requests the two Raakshasas to stop this violent act and assures of granting boons to them. However, the Raakshasas weren’t in a mood to stop. They instead make fun of Bhagawan Brahma’s helplessness and revert back by saying that they are not in the low level of obtaining boons from him. Instead, if Bhagawan Brahma wishes, he can ask for boons from them!” So for today, let us understand upto this point, and in the next episode we shall witness how Bhagawan Brahma responded to the mockery made by Madhu-Kaidavas! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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