Episode # 537 – Sage Maarkandeya’s divine vision of Bhagawan Bala-Mukunda (Bhagawan Vishnu)!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the accord on “Yuga” time calculation as narrated by Sage Maarkandeya to Yudishtra and Co. We had also witnessed the difference between the “Leela Vibhuti” and the “Nitya Vibhuti” and how the “Nitya Vibhuti” is a permanent entity that never undergoes any changes over time. However, the “Leela Vibhuti” undergoes innumerable amounts of changes from time to time with the “Pralaya Kaalam” acting like the “Reset” button for the entire world. This is exactly what we’ve seen towards the end of the “Matsya Avatara” and this is something that all of us need to keep in mind as we move further. Thus, in other words, all the births and deaths keep on happening in the “Leela Vibhuti” and there is no question of neither birth nor death in the “Nitya Vibhuti”. 

Moving on thus, Sage Maarkandeya continues his accord – “Oh Yudishtra! Just like how a “Pralaya-Kaalam” happened as I described, I was also part of one such “Pralaya Kaalam”. Once when that was happening, I was standing in front of my Ashram and was performing my “Tarpanam” in the evening. At that time I had a wish – To worship Bhagawan Vishnu in a form that nobody else would have worshipped before! Of course, I can always worship Bhagawan in His beautiful and charming form with all His compassion, however, my wish was different – To worship in some other form which is quite unique! As I was performing my regular “Tarpanam”, I was thinking about this, and suddenly the winds started swirling at high speeds. There was a huge sound of something dangerous coming by my way! Rain started pouring down torrentially! Nobody knew what was going on all of a sudden! The rains were extremely strong enough that within no time the entire area started getting flooded. My ashram wasn’t to be seen anymore! It was completely submerged in the rain water. The rain did not show any signs of abating any time soon! Very quickly, the entire locality got flooded and scores and scores of people started drowning in the rising water level and losing their lives. However, I was able to withstand a huge struggle. Slowly and steadily I made my way towards my ashram location and I was surprised to find a unique situation – There was a banyan leaf floating on the water and above the banyan leaf was a small child – Maybe a newborn baby. The baby was about to trip and fall into the water at any moment due to the strong winds and the heavy rain!

As I went close to the child with an intention to save the child from falling and drawing into the water, this child was so carefree and smiling at me! Moreover, when I went closer to it, the child took its toe and brought it to its mouth. This was conveying some message to me – Perhaps this baby was none other than Bhagawan Vishnu, in the form of Bhagwan “Baala-Mukunda”? It seemed so for me. The divinity that was radiating from the baby was tremendous and I’ve never seen such radiance ever in my life! Yes! This baby was none other than Bhagawan Baala-Mukunda, and Bhagawan Vishnu had heard my prayers! He wanted to provide His divine “Anugraha” to me in a unique form as per my wish! Thus, when Bhagawan Baala-Mukunda tried to take His toe all the way to His mouth, it was seeming as the same divine lotus feet which measured all the three “Lokhas” during Bhagawan’s “Trivikrama Avatara”! It is this same divine lotus feet that I was able to worship right now! I was extremely fascinated! 

Worshipping Bhagawan Baala-Munkunda thus, I went closer to Him and asked Him once more – “Oh! I could not believe what I’m seeing in front of me! Who are you? Please reveal your original form for me!” As I asked the child thus, it did not talk back! Instead, it was smiling at me deeply and pointed its little finger towards its heart! As I looked at the child’s heart, I was able to see Goddess Mahalakshmi with all her divinity! Wow! What a sight! It is at this point I confirmed that this baby is none other than Bhagawan Shriman Narayana Himself! Bhagawan had heard my prayers! I was in tears of joy when I worshipped Him in this unique incarnation of Baala-Mukunda”! Thus, this is a divine experience that I would never forget in my entire life!” 

So for today, let us also experience this divinity of Bhagawan Baala-Mukunda along with Sage Maarkandeya, and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this beautiful accord! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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