Episode # 527 – “Bhagawan gives us opportunities – Are we using them correctly?” Sage Maarkandeya’s point to ponder!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important set of questions that Yudishtra has asked Sage Maarkandeya, with regards to the “Karma” theory. Yudishtra has asked Sage Maarkandeya as to how fate or destiny works and is Bhagawan controlling all our actions or if our own intellect controlling everything. Moreover, Yudishtra also asks whether we would experience the results of all our actions in this birth itself or in subsequent births. These are pertinent questions and I’m sure all of us would have these in our minds as ardent followers of our “Sanaatana Dharma”. For these questions, Sage Maarkandeya is now starting to give beautiful answers. He replies in the beginning by appreciating Yudishtra’s questions and he says that these are not easy ones to give definitive answers. Even great Maharishis for so many “Yugas” are trying to find answers to them! However, by saying thus, Sage Maarkandeya continues his reply further, and we shall witness this in today’s episode. 

Moving further on this, Sage Maarkandeya begins to talk with Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Definitely Bhagawan has a say in all whatever we do! There is no doubt about that. Not everything is possible with our intelligence alone. However, there is the trick here only – Bhagawan will not directly interfere in all whatever we’re performing! He will give us the strength, infrastructure, right opportunity to do something good. However, he will not directly come and say that we’ve to do this or that! He has also given us the intellect to think and make decisions. So it is up to us to use our intellect, make the right decisions. We’ve to utilize the right opportunities given by Bhagawan and go in the direction which He wants us to go. However, if we’re going otherwise, Bhagawan will not stop us from going in the wrong direction as well. He will continue to watch our wrong actions as well, without any indication that we’re doing something wrong. Of course, he would give us opportunities time and again to introspect, reflect upon our thoughts, actions, etc. and mend our ways back to the right direction. But again.. Whether we really take those opportunities in the right sense or not, is up to our discretion! Thus, in a nutshell, both “Intellect” and “Bhagawan” play roles in the actions that we do. Bhagawan will aid our actions and thought processes, but we’ve to use our intellect and effort to steamroll ourselves in the right direction!” 

Now this is a very important point that all of us need to ponder upon – We can create an analogy here. Let us imagine an entrepreneur who starts a business. He will invest some capital in the business venture, create an office space, conceptualize the business model, create the necessary infrastructure for manufacturing / producing the product, create roles in the organization, appoint different people for different roles like Finance, Marketing / Sales, Operations, IT, Human Resources, etc. to take care of the various activities that has to be done. After this, these people who are appointed will have to show their talent, use the available infrastructure and grow the business further, isn’t it? We cannot go and stand in front of the CEO or Chairman for everything and anything that we want! If we do our job well, we’re definitely going to get rewarded for our actions. On the other hand, if our performance is poor, obviously we’re going to be sacked from the organization! This is how life works as well – Bhagawan is like the CEO / Chairman here. He will give us all the right infrastructure, opportunities for growth, etc. and set up the context for performance. He also gives the guide manual called “Sanaathana Dharma” literature to all of us, which includes the Vedas, Upanishads, Ithihasas, Puraanas, etc. for us to study and operate! After this, we cannot go and stand in front of Bhagawan for everything. It becomes our responsibility to study everything carefully, listen to people’s experience and learn our lessons as to how to lead our life in the way Bhagawan wants us to lead! If we’re doing so, obviously the reward is “Moksha”! Whereas, if we’re not doing so, we’re going to face the wrath of our own “Karma”! Again – If we’re facing the ill-effects of our “Karma”, Bhagawan doesn’t interfere in this too! If we’re at fault, how can we blame Bhagawan for the punishment that we’ve to undergo? This is the point that all of us need to understand here! 

So for today, let us ponder over these points and the analogy, and let us try to make sense out of it. The purpose behind explaining all this is to stimulate our interest in introspecting ourselves and correcting our actions, if we feel that we’re going on a wrong path. We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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