Episode # 519 – “He gives his 100% in whatever he does!” – Bhagawan Krishna praises Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the conclusion of Snake Nahusha’s accord and how Yudishtra liberated Nahusha back to the “Svarga Lokha” from where he came down as a snake, because of Sage Agastya’s curse. We’ve witnessed how Yudishtra answered all the questions which Snake Nahusha had asked him, which ultimately liberated him from the curse. Moving on further thus, Bhagawan Krishna once again pays a visit to the Paandavas and this is where we commence the next important “Upa-Parva” called the “Maarkandeya-Samaasya Parva”. As mentioned earlier, this is a long one and it contains three important conversations – One between Bhagawan Krishna and the Paandava brothers, second, between Sage Maarkandeya and the others, and thirdly, between Draupati and Satyabhama. The third conversation is going to be very important, wherein Satyabhama is going to ask Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! You’ve married and managing five husbands very nicely. What are the various aspects of “Sthri-Dharma” (Dharma aspects that a woman should follow)? How should a “Pathi-Vrata” woman conduct herself?” This is going to be a very interesting and an important discussion and a lot of aspects of “Dharma” are going to come out here. Hence, this “Parva” is very important. With this, we’ve witnessed an overview of what is in store for us ahead as part of our detailed discussion and subsequently from today, we shall get into the details of the same. 

Moving on thus, as we’ve seen earlier, Bhagawan Krishna makes His way to visit Yudishtra and Co. Arjuna runs to Bhagawan Krishna to welcome Him with enormous warmth. He had missed seeing Bhagawan Krishna for a long time now and Bhagawan Krishna too is very happy to see Arjuna. As the initial respects are over, all of them sit together and talk. Bhagawan Krishna initially enquires about the well-being of Yudishtra and Co. and also about their recently concluded “Teertha-Yatra”. As all these customary exchanges are over, Bhagawan Krishna is extremely happy with what Yudishtra is achieving here. He openly praises Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You do not know what you’re achieving, which not many kings in this world have done! Even though you’re in a forest, roaming around here and there, you’ve won over this world with your “Satyam” (Truth) and “Dharma” (Righteousness). These two characteristics are extremely rare to find in someone in today’s world! You’re an epitome of these two characteristics and I’m extremely proud of you! Maybe for normal people, their perception would be that you’re in a forest without any kingdom. But let me tell you this – You’re in an extremely good country! You’re having a kingdom which nobody in this world has! Now let me tell you all the good characteristics that you have, which the world should learn from you and follow – “Daanam”. “Satyam”, “Tapas” and “Shraddha”! If one has these four qualities in him, he becomes a great “Panditha” and eventually is on the path to attain the highest “Moksha”!”

From whatever Bhagawan Krishna is saying here, we can see a replica of what Yudishtra had just told Nahusha. This is exactly what Yudishtra said, when it comes to someone attaining “Moksha”, isn’t it? Of course, Bhagawan Krishna adds two more characteristics here – “Tapas” and “Shraddha”. Whereas “Tapas” can be equated to immense concentration and intensity with which we are performing an activity, “Shraddha” implies the dedication with which we’re performing it. Both are important. The problem today with all of us is that, we do something just for the sake of doing it. This is a wrong practice. While commencing an activity, we should ask ourselves thus, “Are we going to give our 100% effort into this activity that we’re intending to perform? Are we going to dedicate ourselves fully to whatever we’re doing?” If we have an answer called “Yes”, then we’re on the right track. Thus, the point here is that, “Tapas” and “Shraddha” are extremely important aspects that all of us should develop in us, if we’ve to achieve success in whatever we’re doing. At all times, we should give our 100% effort to our actions. There should never be a situation wherein we’re only giving our 99.9% effort. It should always be 100! This is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna says about Yudishtra too. He says that Yudishtra gives his 100% in whatever he does – Be it following the path of “Dharma” or “Satyam”, or answering questions of someone! We’ve seen earlier too as to how Yudishtra took it upon himself to answer each and every question of Snake Nahusha. In the past, we’ve also witnessed how Yudishtra has been an epitome of meticulously following the path of “Dharma” 100% without any deviation. In other words, Yudishtra would follow exactly 100% whatever is there in the “Dharma” textbook! This is where we’ve to reflect here – Are we doing this? Are we giving our 100% in following our “Dharma”? Are we giving our 100% in whatever duty we’re doing? Are we dedicated and devoted 100% towards Bhagawan? These are the questions for which all of us have to explore and find out answers! 

So for today, let us understand these important points and let us start our internal exploration. Let us ask these questions within ourselves. Of course, we might not get immediate answers for these. These are tough questions to ask ourselves! However, this is where we’ve to understand ourselves and try to improve! Hence, let us do this for our own improvement and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what Bhagawan Krishna is going to say next! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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