Episode # 501 – Bheemasena tries to lift & move Hanuman’s tail – But in vain!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena advancing more and more towards Kuberapuri in search of the divine lotus flower. He understands that this flower is in abundance in the “Sougandhika” garden of Kuberapuri, but he has a limitation – Since he was a normal human being, entry is not allowed for him at Kuberapuri. Only celestial beings can dwell there. However, Bheemasena still wants to give it a try. He still tries to advance further, only to be stopped by a “huge” person on his way! This huge person is none other than Hanuman himself and he is lying down across Bheemasena’s pathway. Unable to understand who this person is, Bheemasena gets confused. He doesn’t understand how to cross over Hanuman and proceed further. Thus, as Bheemasena tries to cross, Hanuman understands that his own “brother” is trying to cross over, but he wants to somehow stop Bheemansena from entering into the Kuberapuri area. Now, an interesting event unfolds and we shall witness the details of it in today’s episode.

As Bheemasena tries to cross over, Hanuman asks Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Where are you trying to go? And why are you disturbing me as you’re trying to crossover? You see that I’m an aged person, sleeping in one corner without disturbing anyone. Why are you trying to cause disturbance for a harmless person? Is this what youngsters do these days? Don’t youngsters have even the basic courtesy in today’s world to respect elders? Instead of doing something good to me or being of some help for me, you’re only causing harm to me! Why are you doing this? What wrong did I do to you? Moreover, why are you roaming alone in this forest area? What is your agenda behind coming here? You’re not supposed to be coming to these places, as you do not belong to this place!” 

As Hanuman asks multiple questions back to back, Bheemasena feels sorry within himself for a moment. Perhaps he has disturbed an old man who was harmlessly lying down and sleeping? With this thought in mind, Bheemasena replies respectfully thus, “Oh old man! I’m none other than Bheemasena, who is one amongst the “Pancha-Paandava” brothers. I’ve come here on the instruction of my elder brother Yudishtra in search of a divine lotus flower that has a thousand petals. I was searching for it in many places, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere! Hence, as part of the search process, I came here. I also understood that this flower is in abundance in the Kubera-Lokha, and this is why I wanted to get inside. Hence, please allow me inside. Why are you lying down on my pathway? Maybe you should give me some space to go past you, so that I wouldn’t end up disturbing you! Moreover, I do not have the intention to disturb your sleep. Maybe I accidentally stumbled upon you, and I request you to forgive me for that!” 

As Bheemasena replies thus, Hanuman again talks back: “Oh Bheemasena! I’m very happy to see you here! However you’ve to understand one thing – I’m an extremely aged person, and beyond the capability of even simple mobility. Hence, it is very difficult for me to move myself from one place to the other. Even my tail is in such a state that I’m unable to wag it from one end to the other. Hence, you please find a way to crossover and go ahead. It is very difficult for me to move my body from this place to another. I’ve been stationary like this unfortunately for a long time now!” As Hanuman replies this, Bheemasena doesn’t know what to do! He is utterly confused! He now tells within himself, but a bit loud enough, which Hanuman is also able to hear – “Oh Bhagawan! Just like how my ancestor by name Hanuman crossed over the ocean to meet Mother Sita, let me also cross over this hurdle to reach the Kubera-Lokha to get that flower!” 

Readers should remember here that Bheemasena doesn’t know that the person lying beside him is none other than Hanuman himself. It is without knowing this, he is talking. As Hanuman listens to this, he asks back thus, “Oh Bheemasena! I heard you talk about somebody called Hanuman. Who is that Hanuman? What has he done? What do you know about him? Can you explain to me? I’m eager to know who he is and his achievements!” As Hanuman asks thus, Bheemasena narrates the entire Ramayana story in brief and explains how Hanuman was a great devotee of Bhagawan Rama and how he crossed over the ocean easily to meet Mother Sita and how he played a crucial role in the reuniting of Bhagawan Rama with Mother Sita! Hanuman is a “Vaayu-Putra”, and is my elderly brother, because even I’m the son of Vaayu Bhagawan. Since I’ve to also do something similar to what he had to do, I prayed for his help in this matter!” 

As Hanuman listens to this from Bheemasena, he is totally amused! But he doesn’t show his amusement to Bheemasena, and instead requests him to try and somehow move only his tail from one place to the other. Accordingly Bheemasena is now going to try and lift Hanuman’s tail. He gets on to his job and tries – He tries and tries with his left hand, but is unable to even lift the tail by an inch! Unable to do so, Bheemasena tries his right hand on Hanuman’s tail. He tries and tries! But again, Hanuman’s tail is so strong that he’s unable to lift it even for an inch! Bheemasena now tries both his hands on the tail – But the same result comes through! Now what does Bheemasena do? So for today, let Bheemasena keep trying harder and harder to lift Hanuman’s tail. We shall witness in the next episode as to what happens next! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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