Episode # 455 – “Kurukshetra” – A sacred place for performing “Pitru-Tarpanam”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa indicating the significance of the “Dwaaraka-Kshetra”, which is the divine abode of Bhagawan Krishna Himself! Sage Vyaasa brings this in the context of Sage Naarada advising Yudishtra to go to Dwaaraka and meet Bhagawan Krishna in person, along with his wife and brothers. As part of this, we’ve witnessed the significance of “Pancha-Dwaaraka Kshetras”, right from the “Bet-Dwaaraka” in the western coastline of Gujarat, to the “Naatha-Dwaaraka” in Rajasthan, wherein Bhagawan Krishna is famously referred to as “Shri-Nath ji”. Thus, if we witness closely, the entire western part of our Bhaarata Desha, including the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh is a “Punya-Kshetra” as a whole, with enormous amounts of significance. In due course, we’ve witnessed the significance of Pushkar, Mount Abu, Maha-Kaleshwar, Somanath, etc. which are all situated in this western belt. 

Thus, readers should take this as an opportunity to explore and understand these places in-depth and pay a visit to these places to experience the divinity of these places. This is also important because we might be able to read a lot. Apart from this blog page, there is enormous content about these temples and places on the internet, with just a touch of a button today! However, we wouldn’t be able to experience the sacredness and divinity by just reading more and more. For instance, can we enjoy a sweet by just looking at its picture? We should taste that particular sweet and only with this experience we can say that we’re enjoying the sweet, isn’t it? Similarly here also, we can read a lot about all these places, see some nice and scenic pictures of these iconic temples. However, the real experience would come only if we visit these places in person. This is why I’m repeatedly stressing here that all of us should take some time off our busy professional / personal commitments to visit these places and obtain Bhagawan’ divine “Anugraha” through this. 

This is exactly what Yudishtra and the others are going to do now. As Sage Naarada explains about each of these places, Yudishtra is so happy to hear about all the explanations. But Sage Naarada cautions him that he would not be able to get the experience unless and until he pays a visit to these places. Moreover, Sage Naarada stresses upon another important thing to Yudishtra – Whenever we visit a “Punya-Kshetra” like Pushkar, Gaya-Kshetra, and any “Nadhi-Theera Kshetras”, we should ensure that we perform our “Tarpanam” or “Shraadham” for our ancestors (Pitru-Devatas). This is very important as well. When we visit temples, we can perform the “Dhaanam” and other forms of “Dharma” that are apt for those “Kshetras”. However, when we come to the “Nadhi-Theerams”, we should ensure that we perform our “Tarpanam”. This gives enormous spiritual benefits to all of us and in turn, our “Pitru-Devatas” become extremely happy. 

Continuing further thus, Sage Naarada explains the significance of the important “Kurukshetra”, where the massive war is going to take place in the future, between the Paandavas and the Kauravas. Sage Naarada doesn’t disclose that upfront, but he explains the importance of this place to Yudishtra. Sage Naarada explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! This place called “Kurukshetra” is so significant that even if one thinks / dreams of visiting this place, all his sins would be washed away at that very moment itself! Hence, if you get an opportunity, go and visit this place and perform the “Jala-Tarpanam” (Performing the “Tarpanam” procedure with water) at this place. It would give you enormous spiritual upliftment. Even if you’re unable to visit Kurukshetra, please do not worry! Keep repeating this always in your mind – I want to go to Kurukshetra, stay there for three days and three nights, perform all the “Dhaanam” and “Dharma” and perform the “Jala-Tarpanam” for all my “Pitru-Devatas”! If you keep saying this everytime within yourself, Bhagawan would automatically present you with the opportunity to visit the place!” 

Thus, such is the enormous significance of this place called Kurukshetra! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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