Episode # 445 – Why do Mahatmas / Sadgurus embark on “Yatras” continually? An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion on “Teertha-Yatras” and why we should embark upon one, whenever we get time and opportunities. We’ve witnessed in due course, the benefits of undertaking such spiritual journeys, including physical benefits and the benefits pertaining to our “Atman” (Spiritual growth). Also, in yesterday’s episode, we witnessed how these “Teertha-Yatras” have been an integral part of our “Sanaatana Dharma” for thousands and thousands of years. We’ve seen how the “Alwars” and “Nayanmars” undertook such “Yatras” all around our Bhaarata Desha to sing in praise of Bhagawan Vishnu and Bhagawan Shiva respectively. In addition to this, there are “Shakti-Peethams” dedicated to Goddess Devi, and other important “Punya-Kshetras” dedicated to Bhagawan Ganesha, Bhagawan Muruga, etc. Notably, another example for this is Saint Aruna-giri-naathar, who was an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Muruga. He has gone around various temples dedicated to Bhagawan Muruga, such as Swamimalai, Tirutthani, Palani, Tiruchendur, etc. and has sung the famous “Tiruppugazh” in praise of Bhagawan Muruga. In similar lines, not only in the south of India, but there are also great examples of great saints in the north, east and west of India who have undertook such great “Teertha-Yatras” in their lives and have established enormous amounts of “Punya-Kshetras” around the country. 

Extending this point a bit further – We might wonder why “Mahatmas” or “Spiritual Masters” are constantly on spiritual tours to various places! For instance, we would have seen great Mahatmas starting from Adi-Shankaracharya, Bhagawad Ramanuja, etc. to contemporary Mahatmas such as Kanchi Maha-Periyava, Puttaparthi Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, etc. embarking on tours very often. Why do they do so? There are multiple angles of looking at it and we shall discuss a few in today’s episode. One angle / way or looking at it is to spread the significance of our “Sanaatana Dharma”. Wherever these Mahatmas travel to, they would establish “Punya-Kshetras” at all the important places. This is why we see various places having “Mutts” of Adi-Shankaracharya for instance – At Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, Sringeri in Karnataka, Puri in Odisha, etc. In similar lines, we would also be able to see other Mahatmas establishing their Ashrams / Mutts at various places across India. All this is to make people understand the importance of the various principles of our “Sanaatana Dharma”. Moreover, for those people who wouldn’t be able to travel to have the “Darshanam” of the Mahatma / Spiritual Master at their own native / dwelling places, the Mahatma comes to their place to give their divine “Darshanam” and “Anugraham” to these people. This is a very important concept in our “Sanaatana Dharma”. Rather than the disciple going in search of the Guru for knowledge and enlightenment, at times, for the deserving disciple, the Guru comes in search of him / her to provide his / her divine “Anugraha”. Thus, in order to facilitate this practice, Mahatmas keep travelling from one place to the other to meet their eligible and deserving disciples. This is one way of looking at it. 

Another way of looking at it is – Wherever the Mahatma goes, every place becomes a “Punya-Kshetra” and the divine vibrations that emit from the Mahatma would stay in those places forever. This would enable devotees / disciples to obtain the supreme knowledge / enlightenment from many such places across the country. When the Mahatma / Sadguru chooses a place to travel, He / She would ensure that all their divine “Anugraha” is poured into that place, so that thousands of devotees would benefit out of it. They establish temples / Ashrams / Sannidhaanams, etc. wherein an enormous amount of Pujas, “Punya-Kaaryas”, etc. keep happening all the time. This creates the divine vibration in that place and this benefits all the people who visit these places. This is the reason why I’ve been constantly emphasising on the fact that normal people like us should visit these places regularly without fail. This is another way of looking at it. 

The third angle is very simple – Mahatmas / Sadgurus are completely detached souls! It simply means that they are completely free from any sort of worldly attachments. When we talk about “Worldly attachments”, it also involves attachment to a particular place. If the Mahatmas / Sadgurus remain in one place only at all times, they might indirectly start developing an attachment towards that place! Of course, they have their minds under complete control, but still, there might be a slight chance of this happening. It is for this reason also, do Mahatmas / Sadgurus keep travelling all the time. This “Yatra” thus, signifies to the outside world and sends an indirect message of “Detachment”. If one keeps travelling from one place to the other constantly, it signifies that he / she doesn’t belong to any particular place, and the Mahatma belongs to the entire world! The purpose of every Mahatma’s birth in this world is to serve all the living beings in this world with equality, compassion and love, and also to spread the knowledge and enlightenment to every living being. 

Hence, for all these reasons, Mahatmas / Sadgurus are always “on the move” to various places as part of their “Spiritual journey”. So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us strive to allocate some time from our other schedules to embark on trips to such important “Punya-Kshetras”, to obtain the divine “Anugraha” of the Guru / Mahatma and Bhagawan! We shall take this point further in the upcoming episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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