Episode # 416 – Urvasi’s curse ends up being a great “Anugraha” for Arjuna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important event that takes place between Arjuna and Urvasi at the Indra Lokha. As Arjuna is busy learning his everyday lessons of music and dance, he spots Urvasi dancing blissfully. He gets so impressed with her dance and movements associated with it, which Indra mistakes to be love for Urvasi. Accordingly, Indra requests Chitrasena to talk to Urvasi that Arjuna is in love with her. Urvasi too becomes interested in Arjuna and she comes to him to propose her love to him. However, Arjuna’s intentions are otherwise. Till this point, Arjuna has respected Urvasi as his own mother, and there is no chance for him to think of her otherwise. As Arjuna expresses himself thus, Urvasi gets angry! How can a male not fall for her beauty? How can a male reject her love proposal like this? Fuming thus, Urvasi inflicts a curse on Arjuna that for a year’s time he would be amongst women, by forsaking his personal dignity and he would live a life dancing and singing with women all around him! We’ve witnessed till this point in yesterday’s episode and we shall witness what happened after Urvasi inflicts such a curse! 

Moving on thus, as Urvasi curses him, Arjuna is scared and concerned! He is in tears! “Is it for this reason that I was called all the way to the “Svarga Lokha”? I would have been very happy being in the “Manushya Lokha” with my brothers and Draupati. Now it looks like I’ve committed a grave mistake by going behind this Indra! I never knew that he is a dangerous person to deal with! Now what do I do? How will I go and explain this to Yudishtra, who calculates each and every move of his towards “Dharma”? How will Yudishtra react if I go and tell him that I obtained a curse from Urvasi?” As Arjuna is thinking thus, Indra senses that something is wrong with him. He immediately approaches Arjuna and asks him what happened! As Arjuna explains the whole story, Indra replies thus, “Oh Arjuna! Please do not worry! You’ve to perform the “Agnyaatavaasam” after this twelve-year period isn’t it? You’ve to be in a disguised form without being noticed by anybody, isn’t it? Urvasi’s curse will help you do that! In fact, Urvasi has provided her divine “Anugraha” to you, and this is not a curse. Please do not mistake her. The dance, music, etc. that you’re learning here at this moment, would help you during that one-year Agnyaatavaasam period, along with this curse of Urvasi! Hence, you do not need to worry!” 

As this happens, Sage Lomasha comes to the Svarga Lokha to pay a visit to Indra. As both of them meet, Indra requests a favour from Sage Lomasha. Indra says thus, “Oh Sage Lomasha! As you might be knowing, Arjuna is with us for a while. Yudishtra and the others would not know that Arjuna is here. Hence, I request you to inform Yudishtra and Co. that Arjuna is safe and secure here without any problem. They must be a worried lot by now. It has been a while since Arjuna has come here, and since he hasn’t returned back to their hamlet, Yudishtra would be concerned. Hence, please go and inform Yudishtra that Arjuna would be residing here for some more time as he has certain tasks to be accomplished!” As Indra explains thus, Sage Lomasha accepts the request and he quickly goes down to meet Yudishtra. As expected, Yudishtra is extremely worried and concerned about Arjuna’s whereabouts! However, as Sage Lomasha comes and explains what had happened, Yudishtra is extremely happy. He is satisfied that Arjuna’s sincerity and his path of “Dharma” has been recognised by none other than Bhagawan Shiva Himself, and subsequently by Indra and Co. He expresses his gratitude to Sage Lomasha for this wonderful piece of information and thanks him for visiting!

Meanwhile, as this is taking place, Vidura is also trying his best to talk to King Dhridiraashtra and convince him to recall the Paandava brothers to Hastinapura and give away the Indraprastha kingdom to Yudishtra. However, because of Duryodhana’s constant intervention again and again, Vidura’s repeated attempts end in failure. As this is happening at Hastinapura, Yudishtra and Co. are spending a good time in the forest, wherein Yudishtra and Arjuna are learning some important aspects of “Dharma”, and are obtaining all the “firepower” from the Devatas and Bhagawan Shiva. Of course, the constant guidance and mentoring of Bhagawan Krishna is continuing unabated, and He is personally monitoring the well-being of Yudishtra and Co. on a constant basis! 

With this, we come to the end of this “Adhyaaya” and the next one talks about the “Nala-Upaakyaanam”. This story might be very familiar to many of us and even Sage Vyaasa has kept it quite short here. I shall also explain this important story in brief as we move on further! So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness the “Nala-Upaakyaanam”! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

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