Episode # 403 – “Is your “Dharma” more important than your wife getting publicly insulted? Draupati slams Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an offshoot discussion with regards to the conversation between Sage Maarkandeya and Yudishtra at the Dvaitha Vanam. As the conversation comes to an end, Sage Maarkandeya conveys an important message to Yudishtra that as a king, it is not possible for him to win over the world with mere financial and positional powers. All what is required for Yudishtra to taste success as a king is “Dharma”, along with the path of “Sathyam” which is nothing but the “Truth” and “Honesty”. This is not only applicable for Yudishtra and Co. but also for all of us. Yesterday we’ve witnessed how organizations today enhance their reputation to be known as “Best places to work” in the world. For them to achieve this feat, they enhance the trust factor in their employees and make sure that they stay with them forever. Organizations also create that environment wherein people feel free to express themselves openly, there is a sense of transparency within the organization, etc. which makes them ultimately the best places to work! Thus, we can see here that if “Dharma” and “Satya” prevail, any individual or an organization would automatically taste success sooner or later. This is what we’ve to understand from Sage Maarkandeya’s message to Yudishtra. 

Moving on thus, Sage Maarkandeya leaves the Dvaitha Vanam and proceeds with his other works. As Sage Maarkandeya leaves, Draupati is full of anger! Her sense of vengeance towards Duryodhana and Co. never came down even after she heard a long accord from Bhagawan Krishna Himself and also from Sage Maarkandeya. Something is troubling her constantly and the insult that she had to endure in the Hastinapura courtroom was fresh in her memory, as if it happened just a few minutes ago. With this mindset, Draupati turns to Yudishtra and bursts out with all her anger! For the next 4 to 5 Adhyaayas we’re going to witness an important conversation between Draupati and Yudishtra with some important questions and answers. We might also have these questions within us, but many a time, we might not be able to ask them openly in any forum or to someone. However, Draupati did not hold herself back. She had the guts to ask all her questions in a bid of venting out her anger and frustration on Yudishtra. If we read this through, we might be able to understand in-depth what Draupati asks and what are the questions that we also have in mind. 

Draupati asks thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You know how King Dhridiraashtra let us down, don’t you? I know that you wouldn’t let me down in the same way, nor would you let your other four brothers down. However, when it comes to the question of protecting “Dharma” or walking the path of “Dharma”, you would not hesitate to let all of us down, isn’t it?” Now this is a very smart question from Draupati. She knows that she is putting Yudishtra in a fix with this question here. Now Yudishtra has to give a reply to Draupati by taking a stance here. What does Yudishtra reply? He says thus, “Oh Draupati! Yes! You’re extremely right! I would never leave you nor my four brothers. However, if it is for the sake of “Dharma”, I would have no other option but to leave all of you! If it is the question between you and “Dharma”, I would always prefer “Dharma” than anyone else!” 

Now this reply comes straightforward from Yudishtra’s mouth! This sends shockwaves of anger inside Draupati! Already she is fuming with anger, and this reply from Yudishtra ignited it more, as if more oil is added to an already burning fire! Drauapti replies to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Now I understood your real intention! You would leave me all alone! You would not bother if I’m insulted by someone outside of our marriage! You would not be bothered if your brothers are getting killed! All what you want is “Dharma”. Can “Dharma” come at the cost of your family and kith and kin? When is this going to change? It is only because of this stance of yours, we’re suffering today! If you would have spoken atleast one word against Duryodhana that day when I was getting insulted and humiliated, things would have been a lot more different! But your “Shabadhams” were more important for you than your wife getting publicly insulted, weren’t they? Who asked you to take such hard “Shabadhams”? Don’t you think that by doing such foolish things, you’re getting exploited by Duryodhana and Co.? Why don’t you realize this? Moreover, if you want to follow whatever “Shabadhams” you’ve took, why are you making me suffer? If you want, you follow them in whatever way you want. Let it not affect others as well! If you want to suffer, go ahead and experience it. But why make others suffer at the cost of upholding your “Shabadhams” and “Dharma”? Oh Yudishtra! You never got angry when Nakula and Sahadeva were insulted publicly by Karna and Duryodhana, isn’t it? You never got angry when Duchaasana pulled me by my hair in front of the public courtroom, isn’t it? If you do not get angry for even these kinds of heinous crimes being done in front of your eyes, what kind of a king are you? If you do not know to punish the people who are doing wrong things, what kind of a “Kshatrya” are you? How many days / months / years are you going to be like this? Are you going to take any action against the perpetrators of the crime? Are you going to kill them for what they’ve done? What is your action plan? For how many days are we going to live like this in a forest? Don’t you have an iota of shame that your wife was humiliated in this fashion? What kind of a husband are you, to just be a silent spectator to whatever happened?” 

Asking question after question thus, Draupati lambasts Yudishtra for his innate silence! Now we’ve to witness what Yudishtra is going to respond to Draupati’s questions! This is going to be a very interesting reply here and we shall discuss this in a great detail in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord from Yudishtra! 🙂 

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