Episode # 384 – “You’re not realizing that you are in great danger!” – Sage Vyasa slams King Dhridirashtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa’s concluding remarks with an important story that he narrates to King Dhridiraashtra, to drive home a crucial point. We’ve been in the midst of this story and through this, we’re going to see how Sage Vyaasa is beautifully linking to the pathetic plight that King Dhridiraashtra is currently in! We’ve seen how Surabhi, the divine mother of all the cows is crying out to Indra – The primary reason being that her children in the Manushya Lokha are being beaten up very badly by the human beings to extract work from them. For instance, the buffaloes are being beaten up to make them plough through the agricultural fields, for transportation, etc. Similarly the cows are being harassed and tortured to make them give more milk. Thus, a gross injustice is being meted out to all the cows and buffaloes and this is the reason Surabhi is in tears of sorrow. Not only this – Surabhi mostly feels bad for her weaker children who are just skin and bones, without being adequately nourished. Normally, a mother would care more for a less nourished and smaller kid than the better nourished and older one, won’t she? Similarly here also, Mother Surabhi is more concerned towards the under-nourished children of hers. 

As Surabhi expresses her deep concern thus, Indra immediately tries to console her. He says, “Oh Surabhi! Please do not shed tears! I understand your pain that you’re carrying in your heart. If you cry, the Indra Lokha would start going towards a detrimental path. You are extremely important for us. Let us find a solution to this!” Consoling Surabhi thus, Indra straightaway calls for Varuna Deva. He instructs Varuna Deva to shower as much rain as possible on the earth! As per Indra’s instruction, Varuna Deva also showers enormous and copious amounts of rainfall on the earth, which leads to excessive flooding. This in turn, affects the agricultural activities in the world and thus, all the farmers go back to their homes, leaving the cows and buffaloes unharmed! This is a story that Sage Vyaasa explains to King Dhridiraashtra.

We might wonder here – What is the connection between Mother Surabhi, cows and buffaloes and King Dhridiraashtra and Co.? Why is Sage Vyaasa bringing this here? As Sage Vyaasa narrates this story thus, King Dhridiraashtra becomes excited! He immediately quips thus, “Oh Sage Vyaasa! Just like how Mother Surabhi in this story has so much of love and affection towards her children, so am I! I’m also having so much love and affection towards my sons! What is wrong with this?” As King Dhridiraashtra takes the lead thus, Sage Vyaasa becomes hurt! He replies to King Dhridiraashtra thus, Oh King! You’re thinking that you’re having affection and love towards your sons. Whereas, I’m also having affection and love towards you! Please remember – You and Paandu were born out of my divine “Anugraha” only! (We’ve witnessed these incidents in our earlier episodes). The detrimental path that you are taking, is hurting me enormously! Vidura has tried his level best to correct your course, but he couldn’t succeed. I’m now trying to advise you as your father. But still, you’re only sticking to your stance and not taking any effort to relent! You’re not realizing that you are in great danger! You’re thinking that the Paandavas have been punished and Duryodhana is enjoying his life. You’re strategizing ways and means of how to bring Duryodhana out of “danger” of losing the kingdom. But little do you understand that you’re only pushing Duryodhana into more and more danger because his life is at threat! King Dhridiraashtra! Please understand that a knife is hanging above both your and Duryodhana’s heads! This knife can finish you off at any point in time, if you do not change the course of your action towards “Dharma”!” 

Saying thus, Sage Vyaasa finally concludes that after he leaves from here, Sage Maithreya will come in some time. Thus, with a heavy heart, Sage Vyaasa leaves the palace and this makes King Dhridiraashtra thoughtful. Sage Vyaasa’s words are constantly ringing in his ears, as he is waiting for Sage Maithreya to arrive. So for today, let us understand till this point, and let us also wait along with King Dhridiraashtra eagerly for Sage Maithreya’s arrival! Stay tuned for the next interesting and important accord! 🙂 


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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