Episode # 382 – “Your ‘Putra-Vatsalya’ is blinding you from Duryodhana’s atrocities” – Sage Vyasa slams King Dhridiraashtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa stopping Duryodhana from going ahead with his pursuit of killing the Paandava brothers in the forest. Sage Vyaasa angrily warns Duryodhana and Co. that they wouldn’t even be able to go near the vicinity of the Paandavas, forget killing them! Yudishtra’s “Dharma” and Bhagawan Krishna’s unending “Anugraha” protect them like a shield in all four sides! As Sage Vyaasa warns Duryodhana thus, Duryodhana fumes at Sage Vyaasa too! He abuses Sage Vyaasa verbally and as Sage Vyaasa’s temper is going up, King Dhridiraashtra rightly intervened and dozed down the tension between the two. As Duryodhana angrily walks away, Sage Vyaasa rendered his advice to King Dhridiraashtra to mend his son’s ways as quickly as possible, before things become too late. However, King Dhridiraashtra, for the state that he is in, expresses his helplessness to Sage Vyaasa, who in turn deputes Sage Maithreya to try and talk to Duryodhana as per King Dhridiraashtra’s request. 

As we move into the subsequent “Adhyaaya”, there is a detailed explanation as to what conspired between Sage Vyaasa and King Dhridiraashtra. Till now we’ve just looked at a summary of what had happened. Here we have a detailed discussion about what Sage Vyaasa explained to King Dhridiraashtra. Sage Vyaasa makes a detailed accord thus, “Oh King! I’m sure you’re an expert in the “Raaja-Dharma” and all its aspects. Whatever happened at Hastinapura with regards to the gambling game and the Paandavas being sent on exile is completely illegal and don’t you know all these? Just because of your “Putra-Vaatsalya” (Excessive affection and concern towards your son), you’re letting all this take place. Why was Draupati insulted physically in the courtroom? Why did you keep quiet when such a thing happened? Of course, I understand that you’re blind, but when Vidura raised his voice multiple times, why didn’t you pay heed to his words? Why didn’t you stop Duryodhana then and there? Is it your affection towards him or do you have an innate fear for him? How can a leader have fear, and that too towards his own son? Isn’t this detrimental to the kingdom? Please remember this – The Draupati’s episode would go a long way in haunting your and your sons’ future! Had this been stopped at the right time, things would have become much better, but you failed in your duty of being neutral as a king! You should hang your head in shame for whatever has happened!” 

With these sets of questions in a very harsh tone, Sage Vyaasa slams King Dhridiraashtra for his gross inaction and for being a mute spectator to what was conspiring right in front of his two eyes! As Sage Vyaasa thunders thus, King Dhridiraashtra knows within himself that he’s guilty under the eyes of “Dharma”. He should have stopped Duryodhana, but he failed to do it. He knows that he’s under the pump now! With all these confusions in mind, King Dhridiraashtra replies back thus, “Oh Great Sage Vyaasa! I completely understand my failure and policy paralysis on my part. But beyond a point, I’m also helpless. Duryodhana’s unruly character is only going up northwards by the passing day. He doesn’t seem to really understand that whatever he’s doing is dead against “Dharma”. I’ve tried my level best to make him understand, but he doesn’t. He has got into a bad companionship with Sahuni and the others, and is totally being misguided by all of them. Thus, Duryodhana is incorrigible at this stage, atleast from my point of view. Maybe as a last ditch attempt, why don’t you talk to him one day and convince him to change his course of action? I’ve done enough and more! Vidura has tried his level best too! All of us have got our noses bloodied by Duryodhana. We’ve had enough. Perhaps, as a sage, Duryodhana might have some iota of respect and fear for you, and maybe you can use this to drive your agenda!”

As King Dhridiraashtra explains this in detail, this is where Sage Vyaasa replies that he would depute Sage Maithreya for this last ditch attempt. So for today, let us understand this conversation in deeper detail and let us wait for the next episode to witness what happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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