Episode # 380 – “Yudishtra’s “DHARMA” is your biggest enemy to kill you” – Sage Vyasa slams Duryodhana!!!

We’re at the midst of an important juncture wherein Duryodhana is deciding to take on Yudishtra and Co. as a final assault while they are in the forest. Duryodhana’s philosophy is very simple – When the Paandavas are weak without their weapons, etc. attack them and finish them off completely. This would avoid all the problems if they return back after thirteen years. Duryodhana is concerned whether the Paandavas would come back and stake claim for the country, if Vidura is trying to influence King Dhridiraashtra. Duryodhana is scared of this only – Vidura is now back in business at Hastinapura, and there is every chance that he would start talking about “Dharma” and “Dharma” all the time, which can change his father’s mindset in no time. Duryodhana knows how weak-minded his father is, and he is scared whether he would reverse the decision that he had forced his father to take. Hence, to put an end to all this, Duryodhana, along with Karna and the others prepare for the final assault! 

It is at this time, something unique happens! A person who never meets Duryodhana and Co. arrives at Hastinapura exactly at that moment when he prepares to leave for the fight. This person is none other than Sage Vyaasa himself! As Sage Vyaasa comes in front, Duryodhana does not know what to do! He simply prostates in front of Sage Vyaasa, as he asks Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Looks like you’re going out somewhere. What is so important for you at this moment? With whom are you going for a war now?” As Sage Vyaasa asks thus, Duryodhana replies, “Oh Sage! I’m going for an all-out war with the Paandava brothers. I’m going to ensure that they are killed and this would completely solve all my hurdles that I’m undergoing currently!” As Duryodhana replies thus, Sage Vyaasa asks back: “Oh Duryodhana! You would not be able to do that. If at all you try for it, you would be killed then and there!” 

As Sage Vyaasa thunders thus, Duryodhana is shocked at one side, and also is raging with anger on the other. He now thinks that Sage Vyaasa is a stumbling block in front of him, trying to prevent his pursuit. Duryodhana angrily replies thus, “Oh Sage Vyaasa! Do you think I’m powerless? I shall definitely kill the Paandava brothers for all what they’ve done to me and my brothers. I shall definitely avenge them. I would make sure that they are burnt down to ashes within minutes!” As Duryodhana storms with his claim Karna also joins him thus, “Oh Sage Vyaasa! Let me tell you something – I’ll be able to single handedly kill Arjuna with all my sharp arrows aimed at his head! Please do not underestimate me or Duryodhana or any of us here. If the Paandavas are capable of waging a battle, we are also no less than them! We are also equally or more powerful than the five of them put together!” 

As Duryodhana and Karna make tall claims thus, Sage Vyaasa laughs out! In fact, he doesn’t know whether to laugh or to cry! He replies to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Did I even say that you would be killed by the Paandavas? Why are you assuming things that I never told you? What makes you so insecure? I never told you or Karna that Arjuna and Yudishtra would kill you. I never told you that they would take weapons to fight against you. But please understand – If you go ahead to kill them, you would not even be able to reach the spot where the Paandavas are staying. Even before you reach there, you will be killed!” As Sage Vyaasa thunders thus, Duryodhana is shocked beyond words! He replies thus, “Oh Sage Vyaasa! How can you say that I would be killed while on the way to the forest? Aren’t we capable of killing the wild animals, etc. that would come our way? Aren’t we trained to handle all these? Aren’t we experts in hunting? We would be able to destroy any obstacle that comes our way!” 

Again as Duryodhana says thus, Sage Vyaasa gets amused! He replies thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Again you’re mistaking my words – I never told you that you are not an expert in hunting or killing wild animals that might come your way. I never told you that you would be killed by wild animals or any other things that are in the forest. The point that I want to make to you is this – You are following the path of “Adharma”, which is extremely dangerous. If you’re going with this mindset, certainly the “Dharma” which Yudishtra is following, would finish you off in no time! You can never stand in front of “Dharma” even for a moment, if you’re not following it. You are at the moment, an embodiment of “Adharma”, and this is enough to destroy you! Thus, neither the wild animals in the forest, nor Yudishtra or Arjuna themselves are your enemies. Your biggest enemy is the “Dharma” that Yudishtra is following! You would never be able to fight and win over “Dharma” at any time!” 

These words of Sage Vyaasa annoys Duroydhana beyond words. At the same time, since these words come from a great sage, he becomes thoughtful too! So what is going to be Duryodhana’s next course of action? Is he still going to go ahead and fight with the Paandava brothers, or is he going to retreat? Or, is he even going to think of mending his ways since Sage Vyaasa himself has flagged the red signal in person? We shall wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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