Episode # 346 – “Every setback is a learning opportunity” – Vidura’s advice to Yudishtra!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein we’ve witnessed Yudishtra losing the second round of gambling with Duryodhana, which simply means that he and his Paandava brothers should set out on an exile for twelve years, plus one year of “Agnyaata-Vaasam”. Even though the act of “Dyutam” is against the “Raaja-Dharma” and it might be nullified quite easily, Yudishtra takes it upon himself to obey the rules of the game upon which it was played. Yudishtra decides that he would go for an exile for the next thirteen years and his brothers also decide to join him. Kunthi Devi and Draupati also decide that they would go along with the Paandava brothers, however, with the advice of Vidura, Kunthi Devi decides to stay back. Draupati decides to follow her husbands wherever they go. 

Moving on thus, as Yudishtra and Co. are about to leave, Vidura adds a few more important pieces of advice. Vidura explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please understand one important thing here – I know you would already be knowing all what I’m going to say, but it is my duty to highlight this important point. At this point in time, it might seem to you that there is a downfall of “Dharma”. With all that is happening around you, it might sound as if “Dharma” is non-existent. However, do not worry. There would never be a downfall for “Dharma”. All that you’re seeing in front of your eyes is just a mirage! This would come to an end soon. Please go ahead and proceed to the forest. Take this as an opportunity to meet excellent Maharishis amidst the forest, who would be able to give you a lot of inputs pertaining to various aspects of “Dharma”. Of course, there would be certain hiccups, but please do not worry – Bhagawan Krishna is always by your side. He will protect you at all times. I do not know why He did not mark His presence today or yesterday at Hastinapura’s courtroom when you and Draupati were insulted. But in the long run, I’m sure Bhagawan Krishna would always stand by you at all times, provided you do not give up your path of “Dharma”. Hence, put the onus on Bhagawan and proceed forward. You would have a very beautiful time in the forest. Please forget whatever happened here and look forward for a great learning experience in the forest for the next twelve years! If you require anything further, I’m also there to help you! I would also frequently visit all of you in the forest! Please be rest-assured!” 

These words of wisdom from Vidura are the need of the hour for the Paandava brothers. Yudishtra understands the depth behind Vidura’s words and so do the others as well. Of course, Yudishtra and Arjuna know that these are just passing clouds and they are firm on their path. Especially Yudishtra, who is known to be an epitome of “Dharma”, he is ready to take up the twelve-year learning assignment! This is where we’ve to understand an important point – Every setback should be converted into a learning opportunity and this is exactly what Yudishtra is going to do here. Just because he was instructed to descend on an exile, he never got mentally disturbed. He was very clear in his path of “Dharma”, and no matter what would come in between, Yudishtra knows how to handle it. We’re going to witness many such instances in the upcoming episode too as to how Yudishtra handles tough tests that were thrown upon him to check whether he sticks or deviates from the path of “Dharma”. But for now, Yudishtra takes up this “learning assignment” with joy and utmost satisfaction. This is the opportunity wherein he can meet and talk with great Maharishis and learn enormous amounts of lessons from their experience and their “Tapas”. Even if Yudishtra would have continued as a king of Indraprastha, he might not have gotten this golden opportunity. 

Thus, Yudishtra and Co. prepare themselves to proceed to the forest and for today, let us understand the important lesson that every setback should be converted into an opportunity for learning and success, rather than brooding over it! Every failure has enormous lessons to learn. It is up to us to have the right mindset to go for it, rather than getting depressed. So for today, let us understand this and we shall wait till the next episode to witness Yudishtra’s departure to the forest! Stay tuned! 🙂


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