Episode # 337 – King Dhridiraashtra finally breaks his silence – Seeks unconditional apology to Draupati!!!

We’re at an extremely critical juncture wherein an unprecedented level of enmity sets in between the Paandavas and the Kauravas. This extreme level of enmity is because of the way in which Draupati was insulted by Duryodhana and Duchaasana amidst the public courtroom. Thanks to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine “Anugraha”, Draupati was saved from being molested in public. As this goes on, Bheemasena and the others from the Paandava camp decide that enough is enough. The moment they realize that a miracle has saved Draupati, the Paandava brothers gain some much needed courage to atleast verbally take on the Duryodhana camp. Bheemasena starts the proceedings by verbally thundering that he would have the last laugh by plundering Duryodhana’s thighs which wanted Draupati to be seated on them! Bheemasena takes an extreme and an unprecedented vow in front of everyone that he would ensure that Duryodhana pays a heavy price for what he has done today. Bheemasena thunders that he would amputate Duchaasana’s hands which had the arrogance to pull Draupati’s saree amidst the public! This stuns the entire courtroom and there is pin-drop silence from all sides! In similar lines, taking cues from Bheemasena’s vows, Arjuna stands up and takes a pledge that he would have the last laugh over Karna for calling Draupati as a “Daasi” and encouraging Duryodhana to act against her. He pledges in front of everyone that his sharp arrows would make Karna pay a heavy price for what he has done today! Similarly, Nakula and Sahadeva take similar pledges of killing Sahuni and the others in the battlefield very soon! 

Thus with this, the feud between the camps increased to unprecedented levels. It is now an open war of words between them! Till now, atleast the Paandavas were keeping quiet to Duryodhana’s atrocities, but now, they’ve had enough of this foul play. As this happens, the entire Hastinapura courtroom is silent and shocked – Mainly because something has happened to Draupati which they did not expect! In other words, nobody expected Draupati’s saree to keep growing to infinite lengths! People understood that there is an “invisible hand” behind this and it is nothing short of a miracle. This instils some amount of fear in the minds of Duchaasana who was the chief architect of this anarchy. Duryodhana too did not expect such a thing to happen and he became thoughtful. It is at this time Vidura again gets up and tries to doze down the situation. Readers should understand the level of sincere effort that Vidura is taking time and again to protect Duryodhana and Co., but sadly they never realized it till the end. Vidura says thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Now see what has happened to Draupati – You tried to insult her, but she was “invisibly” protected through some miraculous super-human force, which is not under our control! Till now, you were thinking that everything is under your control, but today with whatever has happened, there is solid proof that there are things that could unfold, which might be beyond human control. Please stop this blatant “Adharma” atleast now. Oh King Dhridiraashtra! If a Draupati can be saved by a miraculous force, imagine the plight of your sons tomorrow! This same miraculous invisible force is itself enough to ruin your son’s future! Please stop this nonsense atleast now, and please seek unconditional apology to Draupati and the Paandavas. Please understand that “Dharma” is by the side of Yudishtra, and is extremely powerful. “Dharma” would always have the last laugh! You might think that today Duryodhana has won this stupid game and has “smartly” abducted everything from Yudishtra. But please understand – This so-called victory is extremely short-lived! Duryodhana has to pay a heavy price for what he has done today. Please remember this and do the needful immediately atleast now!” 

Saying thus, Vidura took a clear stand on the favor of “Dharma” and this makes King Dhridiraashtra thoughtful. A small amount of fear also creeps into his mind – Till this moment he hasn’t seen such an invisible hand playing a role in protecting someone. Vidura’s words slowly start making sense to King Dhridiraashtra. With this, he finally opens his mouth and says, “Oh Draupati! First of all, I’m extremely sorry on behalf of my sons and my kingdom for this blatant insult that has happened to you today! You are our daughter-in-law and we respect you duly in all aspects. Please do not take these instances to heart. It is my humble request to you, even though I know that you’ve been hurt very badly both emotionally and physically. I know that this is going to create a long-lasting devastating backlash. However, I would want to doze this down to the maximum extent possible. Thus, as the highest authority of the kingdom of Hastinaupra, I would like to hereby grant you a set of three boons. You may feel free to ask me anything that you want! Please consider me as your own father while you ask me your boons!”

As King Dhridiraashtra says thus, Draupati breaks down into tears, and so is Yudishtra! On the other side, Vidura heaves a huge sigh of relief! Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya take a deep breath and have a feeling that finally this brutal act of Duryodhana has finally been ended. So for today, let us also heave a sigh of relief along with these senior people of Hastinapura! In the next episode, we shall witness the boons that Draupati asks King Dhridiraashtra, in response to his kind words. Stay tuned for the interesting accord! 🙂


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