Episode # 331 – Duryodhana wants Draupati to be dragged into the courtroom!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the beginning of the aftermath of the gambling game, which is taking a disastrous turn as expected. Draupati has now become a “Daasi” to Duryodhana as Yudishtra staked her and lost! At this time, Vidura once again raises objection saying that this move done by Yudishtra was completely foul. Vidura’s argument was simple – How can a person who has lost himself in the game, continue playing any further? Even if he does so, what right does he have to take a decision to stake someone else and play? Hence, Yudishtra had lost the right to stake Draupati and play, the moment he had lost himself to Duryodhana. Hence, the move that made Draupati a servant to Duryodhana should be nullified. This was Vidura’s argument to King Dhridiraashtra, and further he warns of extremely disastrous consequences that Hastinapura is about to face because of this. Vidura once again cautions King Dhridiraashtra to wake up atleast now, before things become too late. Vidura highlights the plight of Duryodhana and how his jealousy and insecurity is driving him crazy, and is making him go behind unwanted company of people! But is King Dhridiraashtra going to listen atleast now? Let’s witness today! 

As Vidura explains clearly thus, Duryodhana intervenes in the middle. He once again bursts with anger and shouts at Vidura thus, “Oh Vidura! Till today, I’ve been very patient with you. You’re someone who is a stumbling block to whatever constructive I do for myself. You’re eating the food of King Dhridiraashtra and ultimately thinking against his will and wish. Aren’t you ashamed to openly support this Yudishtra who is now reduced to nothing? Are you talking even a single word of appreciation for me and my smartness? You wouldn’t do it – Because, you’re by the side of Yudishtra at all times! Whatever you said, wouldn’t be accepted. I do not care whether it is “Dharma” or “Adharma. All I care about is whether I win or lose! If I lose to Yudishtra at any point in time, my future would be doomed in his hands. Have you even thought about this for a single moment before coming and “advising” me? Why don’t you give this same advice to Yudishtra?” 

Saying thus, Duryodhana decides to take the next extreme step of bringing Draupati to the courtroom! For this, he sends one of his charioteers named “Praathikaami” to bring her! Duryodhana instructs Praathikaami thus, “Oh Praathikaami! I know you are a rough and tough person and you’re the best person suited for this work. Please go into the “Antahpura” and ask Draupati to come here. I know she wouldn’t accept it! However, tell her that she doesn’t have the moral authority to be residing in the “Antahpura” and drag her out, if she’s refusing to come on her own!” With all the possible unparliamentary words, Duryodhana instructs Praathikaami for the job, and he immediately goes to meet Draupati. Praathikaami explains to Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! Please come to the courtroom as per the instruction of Duryodhana! You’re being wanted there, as you’ve become a servant now to Duryodhana! Now you’ve to act as per his instructions only!” 

As Draupati hears thus, she was stunned and did not know what to reply for a moment! However, she composes herself and replies to Praathikaami thus, “Oh charioteer! What has happened now? Why should I become a servant of Duryodhana?” Praathikaami now explains all what had happened and how Yudishtra lost everything to Duryodhana including her! Now Draupati asks him an important question thus, “Oh Praathikaami! Did Yudishtra stake me first before him, or did he stake himself first before me? Which is true?” Praathikaami replies back that Yudishtra had first staked himself and lost! It is only after that, he staked her. As she listens to this, Draupati replies back, “Oh Praathikaami! If that is the case, this move is nullified! If Yuishtra has lost himself before staking me, he has no moral right to stake me at all! Go and tell him that Draupati is not lost!” 

As Praathikaami listens to this, he did not know how to counter Draupati. Hence, he goes back to the courtroom with this question. Upon seeing Praathikaami coming without Draupati, Duryodhana asks him what happened! Praathikaami explains Draupati’s question and this irks Duryodhana even further! Duryodhana replies thus, “Oh Praathikaami! These questions are invalid now. It is me who would dictate terms henceforth. Who is she to sit in the “Antahpura” and keep asking questions? She has to act as per my wish. She has no moral right to be here first of all! Hence, go back and drag her into the courtroom! Back-answering me is a big crime that she has committed. For this, she has to be punished in the due procedure. Now, go and drag her out of the “Antahpura”. Even if she argues, do not pay any heed to her! Do what I say!” 

As Duryodhana sternly instructs thus, Praathikaami goes back to the “Antahpura” to meet Draupati. It is also to be noted that Draupati at that time was in her menstrual periods, and as per the norms, she wasn’t supposed to be met by anyone. Even then, Draupati once again raises a question to Praathikaami thus, “Oh Praathikaami! If I come there now, is it as per “Dharma”? Now what should I come and talk there? Should I accept the defeat or should I cry foul? Should I talk on behalf of my husband or should I sacrifice him? Tell me what should I do, and then I would come!” Again, Praathikaami did not have an answer for this, and he once again went back to the courtroom seeking answers. Again Duryodhana was irked! At this time, Yudishtra intervenes and tells Praathikaami thus, “Oh Praathikaami! Please ask Draupati to come with just a single piece of dress around her and with a sad face. Let her come and just stand in front of King Dhridiraashtra. Atleast by seeing her pitiable face, King Dhridiraashtra might have a chance to change himself. Please go and ask her to come!” 

Now Praathikaami once again goes back to call Draupati – Now according to Yudishtra’s instruction. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to witness whether Draupati came to the courtroom or not! Stay tuned for an important accord! 


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