Episode # 323 – The game moves towards a disaster – Vidura appeals to King Dhridiraashtra to stop it!!! 

In the previous episode, we’ve witnessed the commencement of the infamous gambling game and we’re at an important juncture wherein the plot of the Sahuni-Duryodhana duo starts working excellently well for them. Yudishtra is completely lured into the game, even though he initially had his apprehensions about it, however, since he had taken up the “Shabadham” of not going hammer and tongs on people for anything, he had no other option but to go with whatever was happening around him. At one point, he had to give in to Sahuni’s narrative, even though he knew that this was going towards a disastrous consequence. Thus, the game began and Yudishtra commences with betting a precious gem-made garland and ends up losing it to Sahuni’s vicious dice! Subsequently, Yudishtra places a thousand gold coins as bet, and again ends up losing all of them! This continued for a while and all through the game, Yudishtra never tasted victory even once! 

Subsequently, as the game progressed and as Duryodhana started to taste victory again and again, his arrogance also started to increase proportionately. Yudishtra still had the opportunity to call the game off, given his losing streak, but he too did not want to give it up. Of course, if he gives up at this point, he would be branded as a loser and a coward who doesn’t have the guts to continue the game and win it. Thus, Yudishtra too has to play along and go with the flow. Now it is time for Yudishtra to go for some bigger bets – He now places all his servants, maids, and some key people of his Indraprastha kingdom as a bet and plays – Only to lose all of them to the Sahuni-Duryodhana duo! Sahuni’s vicious  dice starts ruling the roost and Yudishtra just becomes a mute spectator to all that’s unfolding! In the next round, Yudishtra places all his elephants, horses, etc. that are part of his grand army and plays. Again, he encounters the same result! Duryodhana roars with laughter as his side is becoming victorious minute after minute! 

As Yudishtra has now lost all his army, his servants, his key people in the kingdom, etc., he is in a pitiable situation! Yudishtra is shocked beyond words as he loses time and again! He understands that something is greatly wrong behind this entire game and there seems to be some force acting against him. As Yudishtra was stunned, Sahuni asks him jokingly thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Till now you’ve played the game very nicely! However, to your bad luck you’ve lost whatever you’ve placed as the bet. But it’s okay! You can still win all of them back! Now what else do you have to stake as a claim and continue the game? Please understand that the game is not over as yet! There’s much more to come and a lot to play!” Saying thus, Sahuni motivates Yudishtra to go for the next bet, even though he literally had none to stake and continue. As Yudishtra looks around to see who else and what else is there to stake, his eyes fall on his four brothers who were sitting beside him! He was going to stake all his four brothers and play the game and was about to make the move, as Sahuni and Duryodhana were eagerly waiting for this to happen! 

It is at this crucial juncture wherein Vidura gets up from his seat! He has had enough! He is overseeing the entire game that is unfolding, and “Adharma” is slowly moving towards its peak. He couldn’t tolerate this anymore and decides to convince and caution King Dhridiraashtra once again. In fact, Vidura was the only person who had the guts to get up and talk, while all the other seniors like Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronaachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, etc. were mute spectators of the game! Vidura talks to King Dhridiraashtra thus, “Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Enough is enough! Please, let us stop this here! This is going to lead us to disaster and I can already see this right in front of my eyes! If Yudishtra has to be pushed to stake his four brothers and continue to play the game, all hell would break loose! Please listen to my words atleast now! Even now it is not too late! Please nullify this game and send Yudishtra and Co. back to Indraprastha with due respect! Please understand that Hastinapura is at a tipping point here – If things proceed as it is now, we’re going to enter into an uncharted territory wherein disaster is imminent! Your son Duryodhana is going to experience a huge setback! Oh King Dhridiraashtra! I plead to you with folded arms! Please listen to my words and do the needful!” 

Pleading with tears in his eyes, Vidura continues thus, “Oh King Dhridiraashtra! If a person is sick with some disease, he has to take medicine to cure himself from it. But if the person decides to die of that disease, he would start feeling reluctant to take that medicine which can cure him. You are in this same state now – I’m warning you of an imminent danger to you and your entire Kaurava clan if this game is proceeding any further! Please take this as a medicine and cure the disease. You still have time! You’ve decided to move towards disaster and this is why my words aren’t getting into your ears! Please do not go this way. I request you with folded hands! The Paandavas have Bhagawan Krishna by their side. I do not see any loss to Yudishtra and Co. at all! Maybe Duryodhana can still go ahead and win this stupid game, but in the long run, I see Duryodhana getting destroyed completely! Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Please understand one thing here – Duroydhana is not your son! He is none other than “Kaala-Devata” in your son’s form and is searching for your downfall. You’re thinking that “Kaala-Devata” is somebody else in the form of Yudishtra and Co. But unfortunately, you have the “Kaala-Devata” right inside your own house in the form of your own son! But who is the “Kaala-Devata” for your son? You are the “Kaala-Devata” for him! Because, as a father, you’re failing in your duty to mend your son’s ways. If he’s going behind wrong things in life, who has to intervene and correct him? It’s your duty! By letting Duryodhana go behind gambling and other illegal affairs, you’re only destroying your son’s future. You might think that Duryodhana might be extremely successful after winning this stupid game! You’re wrong! He’s going to meet an ultimate disastrous end very soon!” 

As Vidura advises thus, the game comes to a halt for a few minutes. The ball is now in King Dhridiraashtra’s court. Is he going to take a stern decision atleast now to put a full stop to this game, or is he going to let Duryodhana continue it further? Stay tuned for an important accord tomorrow! 

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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