Episode # 317 – King Dhridiraashtra’s “last-ditch” attempt to mend Duryodhana – A failure!!!

We’re at a decisive juncture wherein King Dhridiraashtra has taken a decision to go ahead with the “Dyutham” game, despite strong opposition from Vidura. In order to keep his word to Duryodhana, King Dhridiraashtra single-handedly discarded Vidura’s important advice and instructed him to go to Indraprastha and invite Yudishtra and Co. to participate in the game. Deeply dejected with King Dhridiraashtra’s wrong decision, Vidura leaves with a heavy heart and makes his way to Indraprastha to meet Yudishtra and Co. Meanwhile, as Vidura leaves Hastinapura, King Dhridiraashtra’s mind and conscience starts haunting him. Several thoughts were running in his mind – “Are Vidura’s words correct? Are we moving towards an unwarranted disaster? Is Duryodhana getting carried away by Sahuni’s words? Is Sahuni proving to be a wrong and a disastrous company for Duryodhana? Maybe should I talk to Duryodhana once and explain to him about the imminent disaster if the gambling game goes ahead as per schedule? What if Duryodhana bursts out in anger once more? What if my son gets upset if the game doesn’t go through? Will my son’s life be doomed by Yudishtra’s meteoric rise? Shouldn’t my son also be on par with Yudishtra?” 

Having all these questions in mind, King Dhridiraashtra was clearly in a fix. He did not know how to move forward, although he has given orders to Vidura. Perhaps, is there still a small iota of a chance to reverse the decision? Maybe if he talks to Duryodhana one more time, will the disaster be averted? King Dhridiraashtra gives a deeper thought for a while and decides that he would talk to Duryodhana one more time. Perhaps at that time, he was emotionally disturbed, but maybe when he is calm, Duryodhana might understand the disaster that was coming through with the “Dyutham” game. King Dhridiraashtra might have externally talked rudely to Vidura and sent him away, but internally he knows that Vidura’s words were correct. King Dhridiraashtra explains to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Please listen to my words – Playing the “Dyutham” game amidst the entire courtroom is an unruly affair and is totally against the “Raaja-Dharma”. Irrespective of whether you win or not, tomorrow the entire world will abuse you and brand you as a coward. The world would say that Duryodhana doesn’t have the guts to fight Yudishtra on the battlefield and instead, played a perverted game and cheated him! Are you going to live your entire life with this insult and defame? Please think about it. Moreover, Vidura just spoke to me and left. Of course, I’ve instructed him to go and call Yudishtra for the game, but before leaving, Vidura too had his opinion that this is going to invite unwanted disaster! Vidura is the son of Yama-Dharma-Raja and his words are definitely words of wisdom. Vidura till date has always stood by “Dharma” irrespective of whether you and I like it or not. 

Hence, I feel that it is wise for us to stop it at this point itself. Even now it is not too late. Things are still under control. But if tomorrow the game happens and if it leads us to a disaster, it might be too late for us to resurrect ourselves. Also, please remember – Bhagawan Krishna is always by the side of Yudishtra and the Paandavas. If anything happens to them in the “Adharma” way, all of us are going to earn the wrath of Bhagawan Krishna! Hence, Duryodhana! Please think about these things and make an appropriate decision quickly. Please do not get carried away by Sahuni’s words. He seems to be vicious in his approach and is seeming to operate with an agenda in mind. Don’t fall prey to Sahuni’s words! This is my sincere advice from your father!” 

As Duryodhana hears this long accord from his father, he once again burst out in anger! Duryodhana replies thus, “Oh father! I knew this would happen – This stupid Vidura would come and brainwash you! This is why I wanted to avoid him! Till Vidura came, you were in a good frame of mind, but now after Vidura’s so-called advice, you’ve been completely brainwashed! This “Dyutham” game should happen at any cost! If this is not happening as per plan, please understand – Your son’s fate is doomed under the hands of that treacherous Yudishtra! Do you want your son to be a servant under Yudishtra’s nose? Vidura wants it to happen. He’s favouring Yudishtra unduly! You’re not understanding Vidura’s vicious game – He is acting as if he’s true to you, but at the back, he is favouring Yudishtra and not you and me. Do not get carried away by Vidura’s words!” 

Saying thus, Duryodhana flatly refused to pay heed to King Dhridiraashtra’s last-ditch attempt to convince him. Thus, King Dhridiraashtra sadly walked away from Duryodhana’s chamber and the decision was finalized – The “Dyutam” game would go ahead as planned! Duryodhana succeeds! This is where King Dhridiraashtra failed as a leader. Firstly he was unable to convince his own son with regards to his decision, and secondly he did not have the assertive power to stand by his decision, no matter whatever Duryodhana said and did! This weakness of King Dhridiraashtra was ably captured by Sahuni and Duryodhana and both of them eventually used him as a mere “rubber stamp” to push through with their vicious agenda. This is where a leader must be very careful – If he / she is not assertive enough, people around the leader would start taking him / her for a ride! This is exactly what happened in King Dhridiraashtra’s case. In fact, for King Dhridiraashtra things were worse – His own son took him for a ride! 

More than anything else, fate also has a role to play in this. If Bhagawan has decided to weed out all the “Adharma” from the world, who can stop His divine “Sankalpa” (Will)? If things have to happen in a certain way, irrespective of however we try and change course, nothing will work beyond a point! Thus, the status at Hastinapura now is that the “Dyutham” game is going to go ahead as scheduled, and Vidura is going to bring Yudishtra and Co. along with him for the game! So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall elaborate on this more in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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