Episode # 314 – Duryodhana plays the “VICTIM CARD” – Avoids King Dhridiraashtra from consulting Vidura!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Dhridiraashtra getting somewhat convinced with Sahuni’s proposal, however, he wanted to refer the matter with Vidura for his opinion before giving the green signal. As King Dhridiraashtra opined thus, Duryodhana burst out with anger immediately! He started ranting badly about Vidura by degrading his knowledge and acumen on “Dharma”. In fact, as all of us know, Vidura is an epitome of “Dharma”, as he’s the son of Yama-Dharma-Raja himself. Any decision that King Dhridiraashtra makes with regards to administration and other affairs of the kingdom, Vidura would play a pivotal role as he knows exactly which is right and which is wrong. Thus, a protocol was created informally that King Dhridiraashtra and Vidura would jointly take decisions at Hastinapura. However, for this matter, Duryodhana was steadfast in his stand that this should not go to Vidura’s ears at all, as he feared that Vidura might stop this from happening. Duryodhana too knew within himself that he was walking the path of “Adharma” with this plan, but his jealousy and anger blinded him completely! 

Moving forward thus, King Dhridiraashtra replies to Duryodhana: “Oh Duryodhana! If your path is correct, why do you want Vidura to stay away? If your approach is right, obviously he would be in favour of you. I do not have any doubt. However, if you’re not interested in Vidura giving his opinion, it’s fine. But, anyway I’ve to send him to invite Yudishtra, isn’t it? Atleast let him come here for a moment and I shall explain to him the plan. Let him go and talk to Yudishtra and call him to Hastinapura!” We’ve to understand an important point here – King Dhridiraashtra plays a smart balancing role here, which is important for all leaders. On one hand, Duryodhana is pressuring him to approve his plan of the gamble game. On the other hand, King Dhridiraashtra has a doubt whether this plan is according to the “Dharma” or not, and he wants to consult with Vidura once before approving. If he does so, Duryodhana is not going to like it. This is a precarious and a tricky situation here, isn’t it? However, King Dhridiraashtra decides to call Vidura on the pretext of sending him to Indraprastha for inviting Yudishtra, and in the meanwhile, he can allow Vidura to have his say, without Duryodhana objecting to it! This seems like a good balancing act by King Dhridiraashtra, but is this going to work? 

However, as Duryodhana hears this plan from his father, he fumes again! King Dhridiraashtra was steadfast in calling Vidura for this, and Duryodhana seems to be losing the plot here. Now there is only one option for Duryodhana which is left – Playing the emotional card! Duryodhana replies thus, “Oh father! If you feel like calling Vidura for this, please go ahead! But remember one thing – Eventually one day you would be seeing your son’s corpse on the floor, thanks to Yudishtra’s aggression. On that day, both you and Vidura sit on my corpse and enjoy the luxuries of the Hastinapura kingdom! I wouldn’t be there to see your enjoyment, but if this is what you want, please go ahead with that Vidura!” 

As Duryodhana says thus, he sheds tears and walks away! Now this is the most critical point here – These words of Duryodhana hurt King Dhridiraashtra’s heart and sank him into sadness! The “father” in him took over immediately! This was the striking point and Duryodhana had played his card to perfection! King Dhridiraashtra is now completely moved by the “Putra-Vaatsalya” and with this, he immediately stops Duryodhana and says thus, “Oh my dear son! I understand your pain point. Let us go with your decision. I’m not consulting Vidura on this. Rather, I shall call him and dictate my order to him – To call Yudishtra and Co. for the gambling game! Are you happy now?” 

With this, Duryodhana was happy and satisfied! His tricks have finally yielded results! King Dhridiraashtra calls for Vidura and dictates the order to him thus, “Oh Vidura! Please go to Indraprastha and invite Yudishtra for a game of gambling at Hastinapura! It would be great for me as a king if Yudishtra participates in the game and the entire kingdom witnesses it!” As King Dhridiraashtra says thus, Vidura was shell-shocked! He couldn’t understand anything for a moment! Several questions were running inside Vidura’s mind – Why is there a sudden change in approach? Why should a gambling game be played amidst the centre of the courtroom? Isn’t it totally against the path of “Raaja-Dharma”? Is this King Dhridiraashtra’s real intent or is this being fuelled by someone in the background? Isn’t it going to result in a huge disaster if this gambling game goes through? 

As Vidura thinks thus, he is confused! Should he ask these questions to King Dhridiraashtra and clarify? Or, should he go ahead and invite Yudishtra for the game? What is Vidura going to do? Let us wait till the next episode to find out Vidura’s approach! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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