Episode # 308 – Duryodhana’s anger & frustration – Sahuni’s golden opportunity!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sahuni instigating an already frustrated Duryodhana even more. Indirectly, Sahuni is trying to push Duryodhana into a huge trap, which Duryodhana is not realizing due to his extreme anger. This is where we’ve to learn an important lesson – If we get angry, we would not know and understand what we’re doing. We would completely lose ourselves and our thinking ability while we’re fuming. Our mind would completely stop functioning and we would end up making extremely wrong decisions, which would take us towards our downfall. This is exactly what Duryodhana is doing here. Moreover, if we’re angry and project ourselves to be completely helpless, others would use this opportunity to drive their personal agenda and bring us down. We’ve to be very careful here. This is exactly what Sahuni is trying to do – He’s trying to use Duryodhana’s frustration and incapability to drive his vicious agenda and gain prominence. Ultimately, this is going to end up in a huge disaster, not only for Duryodhana, but also for Sahuni himself. 

We might be wondering as to why Sahuni is driving such an agenda over Duryodhana, even though we might outwardly understand that these two are very close to each other. The actual truth is slightly different here. As we know, Sahuni is the brother of Gaandhaari, who is Duryodhana’s mother. Both are from the Gaandhaara Desha (Present day Afghanistan). As Gaandhaari got married to King Dhridiraashtra, initially before the marriage ceremony and everything, she did not know that her future husband was a blind person. However, when she knew it, she also tied her eyes with a cloth and thus she equalled herself to her husband without eyesight. Now since both the husband and wife were without eyesight, the king of Gaandhaara Desha sent his son, Sahuni to be of help to Gaandhaari. Initially, Sahuni was not in favor of this marriage to happen, however, it did happen because of various pressures from various quarters. Bhishmachaarya also played a role in this marriage, and we’ve witnessed this in our earlier episodes as well. Sahuni was against marrying off his sister to a blind person. With this marriage happening, Sahuni felt that his family was completely cheated by Bhishmachaarya and Co. Hence, Sahuni was looking for various opportunities to seek revenge against Bhishmachaarya and the Hastinapura kingdom. Of course, he wasn’t very good at warfare, but he was extremely good at the gambling game. Hence, Sahuni was waiting for an opportunity to use his expertise and gain prominence in the Hastinapura kingdom. 

It was at this time, Duryodhana came to him with all his frustration! This was the golden opportunity that Sahuni was waiting for, and he grabbed it with both hands! He thus, used Duryodhana’s ignorance and anger to drive his agenda and thus gained undue popularity and power! Thus, we can understand here that Sahuni was not really a good companion to Duryodhana, although Duryodhana thought otherwise. Duryodhana did not know anything of this background story till the last moment. He only thought that Sahuni uncle was helping him all along, but little did he know that this same Sahuni uncle was only pushing him towards disaster. This is where, we’ve to be careful – If we expose ourselves to a third person and if this person has a vicious personal agenda within, we’ve to understand that we’re finished completely! This is why we always keep mentioning that we should control our mind and try to keep ourselves calm and composed at all times. The moment we become angry, we would not know what we’re doing, and finally we might end up in the hands of opportunistic people who are preying on us! Of course, it might be difficult to control anger 100%,. If we’re getting angry too, we should try to maintain our composure in such a way that we do not start exposing our ignorance to someone else. This is something that we’ve to consciously practise for our own safety and security. 

Thus moving forward, Sahuni instigates Duryodhana more and more and leads him to a situation where he is helpless to bring down Yudishtra in the legitimate way by winning over him. The only way to bring down Yudishtra is by adopting the illegal and the perverted way. What can Duryodhana do? He fell on the feet of Sahuni to help him out! Thus, Sahuni thinks for a while and is now going to propose an important strategy here. Duryodhana was eagerly waiting for Sahuni’s reply as Sahuni was trying to tally some important statistics in his mind. So for today, as Duryodhana is waiting for Sahuni’s proposal, we shall also wait along with him to understand what Sahuni is going to propose! An important accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂


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