Episode # 300 – Yudishtra’s Game Plan – Go along with the flow & reach the destination safely with Bhagawan’s “Anugraha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion on why Yudishtra was right in his approach towards the thirteen-year fiasco that is going to unfold very soon. As we’ve witnessed, Yudishtra took a firm stance of following the path of “Dharma”, no matter whatever might happen around him. However, Arjuna and Co. had a different argument to this! Arjuna raised a question that how can we follow the path of “Dharma” of not hurting anyone or not fighting with anyone, if the situation warrants us to do it. However, Yudishtra was steadfast in his approach and wasn’t really bothered about what Arjuna said. This is where we’ve to learn the important lesson as to how we should stick firm to the path of “Dharma” at all times – We might undergo catastrophic situations at various times through various people. But this doesn’t mean that we would take this as an excuse to deviate from the path of “Dharma” and take short-cuts to “escape” out of the problem, or doing something that would be unethical in nature. We see this in normal life as well. For instance, if we encounter a big failure in life, what do many people immediately resort to? Many would go into drugs, cigarette smoking and drinking, wouldn’t they? We see this in everyday news too. Or, some people even go to the extreme step of committing suicide, unable to face the situation. Why do we think people do all this? All these methodologies are nothing but ways and means to escape from the problematic situation. These people do not know the ways and means of handling the problem as per the “Dharma” textbook, and this is where the entire problem begins. Thus, we should understand the important point here that we should rather face the problematic situation in the “Dharma-Maarga” and not get buckled down under pressure from various sources to deviate from the path of “Dharma”. 

If such is the case with Yudishtra, we might immediately ask another question here – “Oh! If Yudishtra wanted to walk the path of “Dharma”, why at all did he participate in the gambling game with Duryodhana? Why did he stake all his brothers and Draupati and play? Isn’t this “Adharma”? In fact, as per the “Raaja-Dharma”, playing a gambling game is itself an act of “Adharma” and in this, Yudishtra went ahead to lose even his brothers and his wife! How does this justify the “Dharma” that Yudishtra is talking about here?” This is a valid claim and an important question. We shall try and answer this question today. We should basically understand this fact – Yudishtra accepted to play the gambling game called for by Duryodhana only to make sure that Duryodhana isn’t hurt. If Yudishtra would have said a “No” to the game, Duryodhana would have felt bad. This is exactly the thought process that Yudishtra had, which stems directly from the “Shabadham” he had taken earlier. What was the “Shabadham” that he had taken? He would not hurt anybody’s feelings, no matter whether he / she is a friend or an enemy. It was only to stand by his “Shabadham” that Yudishtra never opened his mouth to criticize Duryodhana for his heinous act. Even when Draupati was dragged and insulted in front of the courtroom, Yudishtra kept silent, because if he would have opened up, he would be deviating from his “Shabadham”. He just left things to take shape as it is! 

Of course, we shall again ask a question here – Why didn’t Yudishtra stop playing the game even after he started knowing that the game is taking a disastrous turn? Yudishtra could have taken a decent call without insulting anyone to quit the game isn’t it? Why didn’t he do that? Again – If Yudishtra would have taken that call, it would have hurt Duryodhana and King Dhridiraashtra at large. It is because King Dhridiraashtra had made up his mind by then that Duryodhana should emerge victorious, no matter what happens. Of course, King Dhridiraashtra did not anticipate that Duryodhana would stoop to such low levels to claim victory over the Paandavas, but still, deep within his heart, King Dhridiraashtra wanted his son to win. Thus, Yudishtra did not want to hurt King Dhridiraashtra’s feelings by quitting the game in the middle. He thus continued to play and go with the flow, so that Duryodhana and King Dhridiraashtra weren’t hurt. As an analogy, if there is a fast-flowing river and if we’re someone who knows swimming, this is a logical question to ask – Does the swimmer swim against the flow of water, or does he / she swims along with the flow of water? If the water is fast-flowing, it is always better to “go with the flow” of the water, rather than swimming against the flow. This is exactly what Yudishtra is also doing here. He makes sure that he goes along with the flow, but at the same time, ensures that he follows the “Dharma” as well. If the resolutions are taken, Yudishtra’s policy is not to deviate even an inch from the resolutions. Yudishtra had taken the resolve that he wouldn’t hurt anyone by words or by actions. Hence, if he had to stand by his resolve, he had to go as per the flow of what Duryodhana did at that moment.

Now Yudishtra’s game plan is simple and straightforward here – Just like how the swimmer would go along with the flow of water, but slowly deviate himself towards the nearest river bank by not getting stuck into the water current and escape from drowning, Yudishtra also goes along with the flow of whatever Duryodhana and Co. were doing. However, he was very careful not to get carried away along with the current, and by catching hold of Bhagawan Krishna’s divine feet, he ensured that he reached the bank safely without getting drowned or hurt! This is what we’ve to understand here. We’ve to go with the flow, but we’ve to ensure that we do not get stuck in the current. We should surrender to Bhagawan and He would ensure that we reach the bank safely unhurt! So for today, let us understand this important point and let us try and implement this in our daily lives as well, in whatever situation we are in. If we completely surrender to Bhagawan, He would start driving the show, rather than us doing it! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion forward! Stay tuned! 🙂


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