Episode # 284 – Bhagawan Krishna patiently waits for Sishupala to complete 100 INSULTS!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the “Agra-Puja” as part of the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” after Bhishmachaarya’s detailed accord on Bhagawan Krishna and His divine incarnation. Even as the entire audience was convinced, Sishupaala was still fuming with anger, as Sahadeva went ahead in offering the “Agra-Puja” to Bhagawan Krishna. He was of a savage resolution to somehow stop this proceeding. Meanwhile as the proceedings were going on, Bhishmachaarya explains Sishupaala’s past background too, as he concludes with Bhagawan Krishna’s “Charitra”. We shall witness that as well in a glance as we move forward with how Sishupaala reacted to the “Agra-Puja” being given to Bhagawan Krishna. Bhishmachaarya explains about Sishupaala basically in a bid to undermine him and to drive home the point that Sishupaala was a worthless person who has no rights to comment upon Bhagawan Krishna’s stature. Bhishmachaarya explains how Sishupaala was born only to be killed by Bhagawan Krishna at some point in time. So here’s what Bhishmachaarya says about Sishupaala! 

As we all know, Sishupaala is one of Bhagwan Krishna’s cousin brothers, just like how Arjuna and the other Paandava brothers are. This is the amazing fact here – If we think that Bhagawan Krishna had been on the side of the Paandavas always just because they were his cousins, let us think again! Sishupaala is also one of Bhagawan Krishna’s cousins, and yet, he is going to now be killed by Bhagawan Krishna shortly. Thus, we understand here that Bhagawan Krishna does not know what is “nepotism”. He is neutral and He would always take the side where “Dharma” is present. Hence, let us not have some wrong thoughts about Bhagawan Krishna that He had helped the Paandavas only because they were His cousins. Moving on thus, Bhishmachaarya explains how Sishupaala was born – He was born with three eyes and four hands! Sishupaala was born to King Dhamagosha of Kethi Desha. King Dhamagosha married one of Vasudeva’s sisters, and this is why Sishupaala was the cousin of Bhagawan Krishna. The moment Sishupaala was born with such an unimaginable form, there was an “Aakaashavaani” that thundered from the skies that this child would be killed by someone who will incarnate exclusively for this purpose! 

Shocked by this statement, Sishupaala’s mother asked back thus, “How do I know who is going to kill this child and when is this going to happen?” For this, the Aakaashavaani replied back thus, “Oh mother! Please understand that the person, upon whose lap this child is placed and with this, the extra eye and the two extra arms fall off, would be the same person who would kill him!” As days and months progressed, Sishupaala was placed in the lap of many people, however, nothing was happening! Finally when Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama had visited them once, Sishupaala was placed on Bhagawan Krishna’s lap. Immediately the extra eye and the two extra arms disappeared completely! With this, everybody came to know that it is none other than Bhagawan Krishna who is going to kill Sishupaala. Understanding this fact thus, Sishupaala’s mother runs to Bhagawan Krishna and prays to Him thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I now understood the fact that you would be the person who would kill my son. However, I just have one prayer from my end on behalf of my son – Please forgive all the mistakes that he does to you! Please do not take them to heart. Please do not hold any grudge against Sishupaala for anything! This is my humble request!” 

As Sishupaala’s mother cries thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies to her by calming her. He says, “Oh Mother! I understand your pain and feelings! Yes, I shall forgive Sishupaala until the hundredth mistake that he makes. For the 101’th mistake that he makes, I shall leave it to his fate to take over!” This is exactly why we’re seeing Bhagawan Krishna silently sitting at the Indraprastha courtroom without uttering a single word as Sishupaala drops insult after insult upon Him! It is just because, Bhagawan Krishna was keeping a count on how many times Sishupaala is insulting Him! In fact, we’ve now crossed six “Adhyaayas” inside this same “Upa-Parva” and in all these six “Adhyaayas” we would see how Sishupaala insulted Bhagawan Krishna at any and every instance possible. Whoever opens their mouth to defend Bhagawan Krishna, Sishupaala would fire insults at them right royally! In this way, Bhagawan Krishna was patiently waiting for the number to touch hundred! 

Now, as Bhishmachaarya explained all about Bhagawan Krishna, Sishupaala was still not convinced, and he continued his ranting against Him with more fury! The number of insults nears the one-hundred mark and Bhagawan Krishna is still waiting patiently! So for today, let us also join Bhagawan Krishna in patiently waiting for Sishupaala to complete the one-hundred mark! In the next episode, we shall witness what happened to Sishupaala after the number crossed one-hundred! Stay tuned for an interesting and an important accord! 🙂 

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