Episode # 282 – Bhishmachaarya narrates Bhagawan Krishna’s divine “Charitra” – A heart-moving accord!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishtra running after Sishupaala to bring him back into the courtroom. Sishupaala, as we had witnessed earlier, abused Bhagawan Krishna in such a way that the entire audience was stunned and taken aback. Bhishmaachaarya himself couldn’t stand Sishupaala’s abusive language. As Yudishtra tries to pacify Sishupaala, Bhishmaachaarya gets angry and gives a stern message to Yudishtra that he doesn’t need to go behind crooks who do not understand Bhagawan Krishna and His divine incarnation. Sishupaala is a Raakshasa and he is someone who doesn’t want to understand who Bhagawan is, and hence, what is the use of Yudishtra running behind him and trying to make him understand? 

As Bhishmachaarya says thus, Yudishtra couldn’t understand the head or tail of what was going on! How come Bhishmachaarya knows so much about Bhagawan Krishna? What does he know about Him, which I do not know? These were the questions that ran inside Yudishtra’s mind as Bhishmachaarya asserted his stance over Sishupaala. As Yudishtra returns back to his throne, he asks Bhishmachaarya thus, “Oh revered & respected Bhishmachaarya! You’ve just said that you know who Bhagawan Krishna really is and also about His divine incarnation! I do not understand the meaning of your words! All we know about Bhagawan Krishna is that He is our cousin brother, who is a great strategist. Is there something beyond this that we do not know about Bhagawan Krishna? If there is something, can you highlight it to us?” 

As Yudishtra asks thus, Bhishmachaarya was extremely happy! He was waiting for such an opportunity to talk about Bhagawan Krishna and with this, Bhishmachaarya commenced his accord on Him! He explains in detail as to how Bhagawan Krishna incarnated as the eighth divine son of the Devaki-Vasudeva couple at Kamsa’s Mathura, how Baby Krishna escaped death from Kamsa’s wretched and dreadful hands, how he was transported by Vasudeva from Mathura to Gokula overnight without anybody knowing, how Little Krishna grew up as a darling child of Yashoda and Nandagopa, how Little Krishna stole butter from every house in Gokula and how He played pranks with the people there. Subsequently, Bhishmachaarya explains how Little Krishna killed various Raakshasas like Poothana, Sakataasura, Keshi, etc. and how He tamed snake Kaaliya. Subsequently, Bhishmachaarya explains how Bhagawan Krishna was the only saviour for all the Gopikas, and how the Gopikas were extremely devoted to Him. 

As Bhishmachaarya was explaining all these stories in detail, Bhagawan Krishna was present in front of him and listening to all the narratives. As Bhagawan Krishna was listening to His own past, He was in tears when His thoughts went behind His dear devotees at Gokula! His mind flew towards the Gopikas who were longing for Bhagawan Krishna’s mere presence! His mind flew towards all the cows in the Gokula cowshed, which were yearning for His divine presence! As Bhishmachaarya was narrating in such a heart-touching way, Bhagawan Krishna took this as an opportunity to shower His divine “Anugraha” on all the Gokula people and the cows! Meanwhile, the entire audience assembled at Indraprastha were also moved to tears of joy! They felt privileged that they’ve got a divine opportunity to be amidst the presence of Bhagawan Krishna! They were continuing to listen to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine actions as being narrated by Bhishmachaarya. Subsequently, Bhishmachaarya narrates how Bhagawan Krishna tamed Bhagawan Brahma and Indra through the Govardhana episode, and how He played pranks with all the kids there. Subsequently, Bhishmachaarya moves on with the Kamsa episode and how Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama jointly took Kamsa down to death, for all the atrocities he had created. 

I’m going a bit fast on all these as we’ve discussed this in detail in our earlier “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” & “Shri Vishnu Puraana” projects. Subsequently as Bhagawan Krishna kills Kamsa, Devaki and Vasudeva are freed up from the prison and with this, Bhagawan Krishna was sent for formal education under Saandeepani Maharishi. Within sixty-four days, Bhagawan Krishna learnt all the sixty-four different art forms and all aspects of “Raaja-Dharma”. Subsequently, Bhagawan Krishna became the king of Mathura, only to be “chased away” by Jaraasandha and Kaalayavana, all the way to Dwaaraka. There, Bhagawan Krishna settled down, killed Kaalayavana and Jaraasandha eventually, married Rukmini Devi from Vidharba Desha and had a son with her by name Pradhyumna. This Pradhyumna in turn grew up and had a son by name Aniruddha. Subsequently, Bhagawan Krishna won over Nagnajith and married Satyabhaama. Also, Bhagawan Krishna won over Jaambhavaan (An important character in the Ramayana) and married his daughter by name Jaambhavati. 

Saying all of these thus, Bhishmachaarya explains to Yudishtra: “Oh Yudishtra! Such is the significance of Bhagawan Krishna who is sitting right amidst all of us here. Without knowing all this, there are some people who are spreading wrong information about Him and who are talking ill about Him on purpose!” Saying thus, Bhishmachaarya concludes this long accord. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to witness how Sishupaala reacted to Bhishmaachaarya’s accord! Stay tuned! 🙂

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