Episode # 277 – Yudishtra requests Bhagawan Krishna to take the “Yaaga-Deeksha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the trio of Bhagawan Krishna, Arjuna and Bheemasena returning victoriously to Indraprastha after Jaraasandha’s event. Now that the decks are clear for the “Raaja-Suya-Yaaga” to commence, Yudishtra sends all his brothers in all four directions to perform the “Dig-Vijaya-Yatra”, which is the first step towards performing the “Raaja-Suya-Yaaga”. Normally in those days, whenever a huge “Yaaga” of this sorts like the “Ashwamdedha Yaaga” or “Ishti Yaaga” or “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” was conducted, there are certain prerequisites to be followed. As a first of those, some people from the kingdom, or some animals (normally a horse) go around the entire length and breadth of the Bhaarata Desha and meet up with every king on the way. As these people come around, the other kings would come to know that something special is going to happen in their kingdom. Accordingly, the kings would give some gifts as donation to the people who come. However, if the kings do not want that event to happen, they start fighting against the people who come there. In turn, these people or the king concerned should wage a war and win over this king, so as to proceed with the “Dig-Vijaya Yatra” forward. 

In these lines, during our Ramayana project, we’ve witnessed King Dasharata do the same thing – Before commencing the “Putra-Kaameshti Yaaga” for the birth of Bhagawan Rama and the others, an “Ashvam” (Horse) was let to run all over the Bhaarata Desha from Ayodhya city. The horse went around with Ayodhya’s flag on it, and it served as an information to all the other kings around that something special is going to happen at Ayodhya. Similarly here too, Arjuna, Bheemasea, Nakula and Sahadeva go in different directions as part of the “Dig-Vijaya Yatra”. As we had witnessed yesterday, Sage Vyaasa explains that Nakula has come all the way till the banks of River Tamraparni, which is located down south! He has met the erstwhile Chera, Chola and Paandya kings and had in turn obtained gifts and blessings from them. Sahadeva could not go to Lanka because it was a land of Raakshasas, and for this, Ghatodgaja was employed. Thus, Ghatodgaja met Vibhishana at Lanka, obtained gifts and blessings from him and returned back to Indraprastha. 

With this background, we shall now enter into the next “Upa-Parva” called “Dig-Vijaya Parva”. Here, Sage Vyaasa gives a detailed accord on who went in which direction, which are the kingdoms through which they passed through, who are the kings that they met, etc. We’re not going into details of this “Upa-Parva”, because we’ve already witnessed a jist of it in our earlier episode. Readers, if interested, can go through the Mahabharata text for details. Now moving on with the important content thus, after all the “Dig-Vijaya Yatras” were completed, the coffers of Yudishtra at Indraprastha were overflowing with gifts and other precious materials, which were donated by different kings from different kingdoms. Now we move on into the “Raaja-Suya Parva”, Yudishtra gives an invite to various great Maharishis from various directions and geographical locations. Various kings from various other territories were invited too. All the people of Indraprastha were extremely happy and thrilled that their king Yudisthra is governing them in the righteous path according to the “Raaja-Dharma”. They were also happy that their beloved king is going to perform this great “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” very soon. Bhagawan Krishna was also there amongst all of them, shining like a bright star amidst the smaller ones. Sage Veda-Vyaasa too made his way to Indraprastha to take part in the “Yaaga”. Various other Maharishis too made their way to Indraprastha for the auspicious event. 

At this time as Bhagawan Krishna arrives once again at Indraprastha, Yudishtra falls on His feet and says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! It is only because of your divine “Anugraha” that this kingdom is being ruled as per the “Raaja-Dharma”. It is only because of your divine “Anugraha” that this Raaja-Suya Yaaga preparations are going on in full swing. We’re very happy and blessed to be amidst your divine presence. Without you, would anything have progressed here? Hence, I have a small request for you – As part of the Yaaga proceedings, you should be the one to take the “Deeksha” for it!” Normally, even today, when we perform a spiritual offering to Bhagawan in terms of a Yaaga or anything, someone should take a “Deeksha” to perform it, isn’t it? Here, Yudishtra wants Bhagawan Krishna Himself to take the “Deeksha” and start the Yaaga proceedings. 

As Yudishtra extends the invitation thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies back: “Oh Dharma-Putra (Yudishtra)! I’ve come here as your messenger and not as a king. Moreover, who am I to take the Yaaga-Deeksha? It is you who’s performing this Yaaga, and hence, I feel that it would be apt if you take the “Deeksha”, rather than me taking it!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna politely declined Yudishtra’s request, and for today, let us understand up to this point. We shall continue in the next episode as to what happened next from here on. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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