Episode # 270 – Bhagawan Krishna & Co. enter Magadha Desha – Some key geographical features en-route!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Bhagawan Krishna’s accord on Jaraasandha’s life history and how he was born. Subsequently, Jaraasandha obtained a series of boons from Sage Chanda-Kaushika, who was also responsible for his birth as well. According to the boons, Jaraasandha would become extremely invincible and powerful in nature that nobody in this world could not even think in their wildest dreams of defeating him. Moreover, since Jaraasandha was made up of two half bodies, one can kill him only by splitting him into two halves and throwing them on either side so that they cannot join back again. This is one important secret which only Bhagawan Krishna knows. This is exactly what Sage Kaushika also said – When he said that Jaraasandha could never be killed, he put an open-ended loop there – There can only be one person in this world who knows this secret and probably a danger might come for Jaraasandha through this person. However, Sage Kaushika did not mention who this person is! Thus with this, Jaraasandha became extremely aggressive and king after king fell to Jaraasandha’s wrath. As things were going on thus, it was becoming unbearable at one point and this is where Yudishtra was also planning for the Raaja-Suya Yaaga. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna strategizes along with Yudishtra, Arjuna and Bheemasena to take on Jaraasandha and kill him at once, since he would be a stumbling block for the Yaaga to be performed. 

Thus, the strategy was made, and Bhagawan Krishna along with Bheemasena and Arjuna marched on towards Magada-Desha. En-route, they cross through different other “Deshas” and finally reach the Magadha-Desha. All along the way, Sage Vyaasa explains all the geographical features that these people crossed and went. This is very interesting here. Sage Vyaasa explains that they had crossed River Sarayu at one point. Hence, we can understand that River Sarayu had existed during the Ramayana time, and as well as during the Mahabharata times as well. Similarly, the names of many territories too might be very familiar to us even today. These are certain things that readers should make note of very keenly and then do an extensive “Homework” on the same. Readers should spend time exploring these places with the ancient India map and compare their locations in the present-day India map as well. This would reveal how certain places coincide with the past and certain places deviate with time. For instance, many rivers might have changed course over a time period. We should remember that the Ramayana took place hundreds of thousand years ago and the Mahabharata took place around five thousand and five hundred years ago. Hence as time progressed, many rivers might have changed their course, and many small kingdoms that were present in those days might have completely disappeared with time. There are publications of books which talk extensively about ancient kingdoms, physical and geographical features that existed in those times, etc. It would be extremely interesting for us to follow all these and readers are requested to do this as homework! 🙂 

Moving on thus, we shall witness certain important geographical features (if not all, owing to lack of time) that Sage Vyaasa explains here. He explains that the trio crosses through River Sarayu at one point and also crosses through five important mountain ranges – “Vipula Parvatha”, “Varaaha Parvatha”, “Vrishabha Parvatha”, “Rishigiri Parvatha” and “Chaityaka Parvatha”. These mountain ranges existed in those days in the northern and central parts of India, but we do not know if these exist today or not. We shall find out at a later stage and I shall share my research findings very soon in a different context. Moving on thus, the “Chaityaka Parvatha” was something that King Jaraasandha was extremely fond of, and for this reason, the trio broke open the mountain range and passed through it. Amidst this mountain range, King Jaraasandha had three drums that were specially made by him and the trio wantedly broke all of them as they moved on. This was intended to send a message to King Jaraasandha that an enemy is approaching his territory. 

As they broke open the mountain range that was surrounding the territory, the trio entered into the Magadha Desha through the back door! Normally, there seems to be a main entrance into the territory, but these people did not enter through that entrance. They made their way into the territory through the back entrance, again signaling that they’ve come on a mission! So for today, let us understand up to this point, and in the next episode we shall witness how the trio proceeded further towards King Jaraasandha! Stay tuned! 🙂


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