Episode # 246 – Mayan wants to gift a “Gadha” to Bheemasena & “Devadatham” to Arjuna!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed an example of how the Paandava brothers along with Draupati were epitomes of the highest level of “Bhakti” towards Bhagawan Krishna. We’ve seen Bhagawan Krishna too reciprocating their unconditional surrender appropriately by being with them both physically and non-physically at all times. Now we’re at a stage wherein we’ve commenced the “Sabhaa Parva” detailed discussion and Yudishtra’s palace at Indraprastha is ready. It has a dazzling look from all sides and thanks to Mayan and of course Bhagawan Krishna’s minute-by-minute supervision, the palace was one amongst the best in the entire world. As the works were completed, it was time for Bhagawan Krishna to let Yudishtra rule Indraprastha on his own and return back to Dwaraka. However, the Paandavas and Draupati weren’t ready to let go off Bhagawan Krishna so easily. They tried to convince Him to stay with them for a little longer time atleast. Arjuna even went to the extent of saying that he would like to accompany Bhagawan Krishna all the way to Dwaraka for a few days. However, Bhagawan Krishna made sure that they stay-put at Indraprastha and assured them that He would be available for them at any point of time, with just a single thought about Him. 

With this, Bhagawan Krishna left for Dwaraka and as the Paandava brothers returned back to Indraprastha, Mayan was still there in the palace courtroom. He was doing all the finishing touches to the exemplary palace that he had built. As Yudishtra and Co. return back, Mayan takes them on a “campus tour” around the palace and asks Yudishtra thus, “Oh Dharma-Putra! Look at the way this palace has come up – Courtesy – Bhagawan Krishna’s divine Anugraha! Now you tell me if any other specifications need to be included. I’m ready to do it for you. If there are any alterations that are required from my end to the construction, please let me know and I shall take corrective actions accordingly!” As Mayan was talking thus, he suddenly remembered something important. Mayan explains it as part of his conversation towards the Paandavas thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Many years ago I had built a similar palace for a Raakshasa king by name Vrishaparva. That palace too resembled this Indraprastha one. However, Vrishaparva was killed in due course and nobody resides in that place now. That entire palace is empty. But, there are a couple of items in that palace if my remembrance can be trusted. There is a “Gadha” and a “Shankam” by name “Devadatham”. This “Gadha” is an extremely powerful weapon that can be used during wars to easily kill any kind of enemy! Perhaps, this “Gadha” would be an apt weapon for our Bheemasena to employ, given his enormous muscle power and strength. Moreover, for the “Devadatham”, I feel that Arjuna is the right person to have it. If you would grant me permission, I shall go there and see if these things are still present in Vrishaparva’s palace, and if they are still available, I shall bring them to you!” 

Now we would wonder who this “Vrishaparva” was all of a sudden and where did he come from! Now readers should trace their memory some hundred episodes back! 🙂 We’ve witnessed that Vrishaparva was a Raakshasa king, who had a daughter by name Sharmishta. Sage Shukraachaarya’s daughter was Devayani and both these women were married by King Yayaati, who in turn had five sons in total. The eldest son was Yadu and the youngest one was Puru. We’ve witnessed all these stories much earlier and I’m not going to repeat them here again. It is for this same Vrishaparva that Mayan built a magnificent palace, and now we’ve come so many years forward after that. In fact, we’ve crossed multiple generations after Vrishaparva to reach Yudishtra and Co. 

Thus, Mayan wants to go to this palace to look for these two weapons. Sage Vyaasa explains that this palace of Vrishaparva was located at a place called “Bindusaras”. Now we would wonder where is this Bindusaras! Let us wait till the next episode for an interesting accord on this! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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