Episode # 244 – Bhagawan Krishna leaves for Dwaraka – Yudishtra becomes His charioteer!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna issuing orders to Mayan and Co. to construct a grand “Sabhaa” and a palace around it for the Paandavas at Indraprastha. We had witnessed Arjuna leaving this decision to Bhagawan Krishna and accordingly, with the divine intervention of Bhagawan Krishna, the construction works progressed very quickly. Mayan swiftly mobilized the required labor force from all sides and ensured that the “Sabhaa” was constructed according to “Global standards” of those times! Bhagawan Krishna instructed that this “Sabhaa” should be equal to or even better than Indra’s Sabhaa “Svarga Lokha” and Bhagawan Brahma’s Sabhaa at the “Satya Lokha”. Bhagawan Krishna ensured that at every stage, He gave the best to the Paandavas as an answer to their complete surrender to His divine lotus feet. We’ve had a small description about this in yesterday’s episode as well – Whatever decision-making that Yudishtra and Co. were into, they made sure that they leave the final word to Bhagawan Krishna. Thus, since Bhagawan had the final say for everything that the Paandavas decided, Bhagawan also ensured that He gave His best foot forward for them. 

Thus, the construction was happening at a lightning-quick pace and it was completely done within the next few days / months. Until the last brick was constructed in the entire campus, Bhagawan Krishna ensured that He was with the Paandavas every minute and every second. Readers should recollect that when King Dhridiraashtra gave this piece of land for the Paandavas to rule (“Kaandava Prastham”), it was a mere forest land without anything in it. However, with Bhagawan Krishna’s divine will and grace, this barren land was getting transformed into a sprawling place! Once all the civil works were over, Bhagawan Krishna went around the sprawling campus once and looked at how the construction had taken place! Mayan had done an excellent job! The construction was so impeccable that Bhagawan Krishna Himself was in awe of it! There is going to be a detailed description later on as to how this palace and the courtroom looked like. But for now, Bhagawan Krishna Himself was awestruck with the way it has been created!

Thus, Bhagawan Krishna finished His inspection and appreciated Mayan for the excellent and phenomenal work done within such a short span of time. With this, Bhagawan Krishna also decides that it is time for Him to be back at Dwaraka to discharge His other important duties. He had been with the Paandavas for quite a long time now and the time has come for Him to take leave. Arjuna was in tears as Bhagawan Krishna was about to leave him. Yudishtra also did not have the heart to let go of Bhagawan Krishna, however, he understood that Bhagawan Krishna too had a kingdom and His people to take care of. However, as Bhagawan Krishna was about to leave, something interesting happened. Bhagawan Krishna had a charioteer by name Daaruka. When Daaruka was about to start the chariot with Bhagawan Krishna inside it, Yudishtra stopped Daaruka for a moment and said to him thus, “Oh Daaruka! We are very honored to have Bhagawan Krishna with us, and at the same time we’re very happy that you’ve got a golden opportunity to drive Bhagawan Krishna’s divine chariot. I only have one request for you – If you would permit me, can I drive the chariot for some distance atleast with Bhagawan Krishna in it? This would be a great token of respect and surrender that myself and my brothers have towards Bhagawan. I request you to take your seat along with Bhagawan Krishna for a while, as I would drive the chariot for some distance, after which you can take over!” 

As Yudishtra said thus, Bhagawan Krishna was overwhelmed! He was in tears of joy! Arjuna too was in favor of Yudishtra’s words and he too was ready to drive Bhagawan Krishna’s chariot. Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Krishna did not know how to part with Yudishtra, even though it is only going to be for a short time period. He was amazed with Yudishtra’s steadfast “Bhakti” towards Him! Thus, paying heed to Yudishtra’s words, Bhagawan asked Daaruka to come and sit beside Him, and allowed Yudishtra to drive the chariot! It was this instance that Bhagawan Krishna had impinged in His mind, and at the time of the Kurukshetra war, Bhagawan Krishna repaid this gesture by being the charioteer for Arjuna! 

Thus, for today, let us understand how devoted the Paandava brothers were towards Bhagawan Krishna and let us together take atleast one step forward to imbibe this level of “Bhakti” towards Him! We shall wait till the next episode to understand what happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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