Episode # 236 – The “GAME OF GAMBLING” – Sahuni proposes to King Dhridiraashtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued with our introductory description of the “Sabhaa Parva”, wherein we had witnessed two important events – The Jaraasandha Vadam and the Sishupaala Vadam. Jaraasandha was killed by Bheemasena and Sishupaala was killed by Bhagawan Krishna Himself. As Sishupaala threw the hundredth abuse on Bhagawan Krishna in the public courtroom, Bhagawan Krishna employed His “Chakra-Aayudha” and killed Sishupaala on the spot. Before Sishupaala was killed and as Sishupaala was abusing Bhagawan Krishna, Bhishmaachaarya tried to intervene in the middle and explained the significance of Bhagawan Krishna. Bhishmaachaarya tried making Sishupaala understand that Bhagawan Krishna isn’t an ordinary person as the others think and that, He was Bhagawan Vishnu incarnate. However, all these good pieces of advice from Bhishmaachaarya failed to enter into Sishupala’s ears, and finally he met a ghastly end to his life in the hands of Bhagawan Krishna. 

As this Sishupala episode comes to an end, the Raaja-Suya Yaaga of Yudishtra continues without any further interruption. As the Yaaga was going on, Duryodhana and Co. went around the Indraprastha palace of the Paandavas and they saw enormous amounts of gold and other forms of wealth abundant there. The construction of the Indraprastha palace stunned Duryodhana beyond words. He was so impressed with the structure of the palace and the other luxury homes that surrounded it. Duryodhana goes around the palace and tries to push one door to open it. However, the door’s structure was different and it came and dashed upon Duryodhana’s face. At another place, Duryodhana tries to pull a door open. However, that door doesn’t open by pulling, and again it comes back to hit his face! At another place, it appears to Duryodhana’s eyes that there is a lot of water on the floor. Seeing this, Duryodhana pulls up his dress from below so that the dress doesn’t get wet. However, as he walks through that place, there wasn’t even a single drop of water! It was just a mirage! At another place, Duryodhana was thinking that it was a mere floor without anything, however, that floor was full of water and Duryodhana accidentally fell into it and got drenched completely! 

As Duryodhana’s struggle was exposed, many people in the palace laughed at him. Draupati also laughed at Duryodhana when he fell on the ground filled with water! As laughter filled the place, Duryodhana’s ego was deeply hurt! He was clearly insulted by everyone around him, including Draupati. This made him fume with anger and frustration! He thus rushed back to Hastinapura and made a savage resolution – He is not going to let the Paandavas grow in popularity and richness any further. Enough is enough! Duryodhana decided to “go for the kill” and somehow abduct all what the Paandavas had with them. He thus goes directly to his father, King Dhridiraashtra and fumes thus, “Oh father! Look at how the Paandavas have grown! It is only because of your compassion towards your brother Paandu that these people have grown enormously with so much wealth. If this continues further, your son Duryodhana would be buried under the bushes by Yudishtra and Co. I’ve tried all my ways and means to kill them, but nothing have worked so far. In many of my attempts, you were a stumbling block for me from proceeding further!” 

As Duryodhana fumes thus, Sahuni joins the party as well. Sahuni supports Duryodhana and explains thus, “Oh King! There is Sage Dhoumya, Bhagawan Krishna, etc. alongside the Paandavas, and hence, there is no point in calling them for a fight. Thus, the only way to get a hold on the Paandavas is to go through the “backdoor” way. There is no point fighting them head-on. It is only our smartness and shrewdness with which we’ve to win over the Paandavas. According to my understanding, Yudishtra likes to gamble, but he doesn’t know how to play the gamble smartly. Moreover, if he’s pulled into gambling, he would go to any extent to keep playing the game. Let us call them for a game of gambling and with that, I shall use all my smartness and experience to abduct everything from Yudishtra! Hence, Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Please grant us permission to proceed with the game of gambling!” 

So for today, let us understand the introductory note until this point. Of course, we should remember that all these things are going to be witnessed by all of us in a greater detail later. This is just a summary of the set of events that are being talked about in the “Sabhaa Parva”. We shall continue this discussion further in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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