Episode # 219 – Bhagawan Krishna leaves for Dwaraka – Sage Naarada meets Yudishtra & Co.!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the Kaandava-Prastham which was a barren land while being handed over to Yudishtra, becoming a unique city with all the luxurious palaces and a vibrant place within no time – Thanks to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine “Anugraha”! Within the wink of an eye, Bhagawan Krishna and Indra depute Vishwakarma to build a beautiful city right from the scratch, and within just four months, the entire structure got ready! Thus, the baaren Kaandava-Prastham got transformed into Indra-Prastham, wherein if Yudishtra sat in the mighty throne, people had a doubt whether it is really Yudishtra or Indra sitting there! The Indraprastha city was built on similar lines of the “Deva-Lokha” and had all the facilities equipped. Thus, Indraprastha was in fact, a step wealthier than Hastinapura itself! 

As the construction activities get over, it was Bhagawan Krishna to leave back to Dwaraka. As Bhagawan Krishna decided to leave, the Paandava brothers and all the others who were present at Indraprastha were extremely sad. Till that time, for so many months together, Bhagawan Krishna was there with all of them in all whatever they did. It should be noted that right from the Svayamvara event at King Drupada’s place, Bhagawan Krishna was present with the Paandavas in all their endeavors – right from their marriage talks, to their marriage event at the Drupada Desha, then at Hastinapura wherein the debate of splitting the kingdom was happening and subsequently at Indraprastha wherein the city took shape. Now as Bhagawan Krishna decided to leave, He assures the Paandava brothers thus, “Oh Yudishtra and Co.! Please do not get dejected that I’m not there with you. I’ve got other commitments at Dwaraka wherein I’ve to also take care of my aged parents. Hence, I shall finish that and come. However, whenever you need my help at any point in time, I shall always be at your disposal! The moment you think about me, I shall make my presence felt amidst all of you!” As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Yudishtra and Arjuna weren’t really convinced. They were reluctant to let Bhagawan Krishna leave Indraprastha. 

Subsequently, Bhagawan Krishna went to Kunthi Devi and bids goodbye to her. He then goes to Draupati and assures her thus, “Oh Draupati! Please do not worry! Whenever you think of me, I shall be with you to protect you at all times! Please be rest-assured!” Saying thus to Draupati, Bhagawan Krishna met Sage Dhoumya. He expressed His gratitude to Sage Dhoumya thus, “Oh great Brahmana Rishi! It is only because of your timely guidance did these Paandava children get married to Drupada’s daughter! If you weren’t there in the picture, things would have been a lot different today! Hence, on behalf of my Paandava brothers, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the noble service you’ve done to our family!” Thus, with the divine “Anugraha” of Sage Dhoumya, and with the permission from all the Paandava Brothers, Draupati and Kunthi Devi, Bhagawan Krishna leaves for Dwaraka. This happened on one side at Indraprastha. 

Now moving on to the next event that took place – Immediately after Bhagawan Krishna left for Dwaraka, Sage Naarada came down to visit the Paandavas and to congratulate them on their marriage. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna had already mentioned to Yudishtra that Sage Naarada would come down to meet him and he would give some important pieces of advice. Bhagawan Krishna had instructed Yudishtra and Co. to follow all the advice that Sage Naarada is going to give them. As per Bhagawan’s words, Sage Naarada came down to Indraprastha to meet the Paandava brothers. Yudishtra received the great sage with all the required respects. As Sage Naarada blessed all of them with His divine “Anugraha”, he says to Yudishtra and Co. thus, “Oh Paandava brothers! First of all, congratulations on your marriage with Draupati and also for becoming the king of this beautiful city of Indraprastha! I’ve got something important to tell all of you – With regards to your marriage and your subsequent married life with Draupati. Please remember – All the five of you have married one woman. Because of this, there might be certain dangers that might daunt you in the future. Because of this, you might even get into a fight with each other. This happened to the two brothers of Sundha and Upasundha wherein they both killed each other as they were married to one woman by name Tilotthama! Such a thing should not happen to any of you!” 

As Sage Naarada explained thus, Yudishtra asked him back, “Oh Sage Naarada! You’re talking about someone called Sundha and Upasundha! I do not know of anybody like this. Who are they? Can you explain about them in detail?” As Yudishtra asks thus, Sage Naarada is going to explain a brief accord on who these two people are and why they married Tilothama. We shall witness this important event in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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